Scan results

After the last update which was only 11 days ago a lot has happened….Alice managed to fast track the CT scan (in fact I got a call from the hospital on the afternoon of the 1st and had the scan on the 3rd…yet another positive NHS experience!)

The follow up results appointment was on Monday this week….so the first thing to say was that the lump on my back doesn’t look to be cancerous after all….I will have a biopsy next week to be sure, but she is 99% that it will be benign. If so then I will speak to my GP and have it taken off.

In terms of the rest of the scan the two nodes that were picked up last time earlier this year are still there and now slightly bigger (both are 14mm….one under the armpit and the other in the metastinum). I am taking this as good news in that they are clearly very slow growing and so whilst I can’t say I am cancer free, at least this suggests that I still have some time.
I told her how I was feeling….strong both physically and mentally, which she was really pleased with. She remains sure that the running is hugely helping my body to keep everything at bay and if nothing else is helping my head to stay in a good place.

So, next steps are now another 4 months of ‘watch and wait’….I’ll have more bloods and scan around October and we’ll go from there.

All in all it’s been a good week and I really do remain incredibly positive that while the cancer remains slow growing something new may come up treatment wise which hasn’t been available before which could help kick this ‘into touch’ once and for all….long shot but you really never know. So for now onwards and upwards for what will hopefully be a lockdown free, sun filled, summer with the family!!

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  1. Amazing positivity in a world of madness! All the best Tom and great to hear your update. Take care and keep on running!

  2. Your positivity is amazing and a lesson for us all! Good news and fingers crossed for that new drug soon xx

  3. Keep that amazing inspirational faith Tom. How thankful you is humbling, you guys rock! Love The Hick Chicks xx

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