Lump was cancer afterall

So, I had the lump removed a couple of weeks back now (1st July). Rather than going through my GP, it was agreed given my situation I should have a general anaesthetic so that the surgeon could get a clear margin just in case it turned out to be cancer……good job too as it turned out to indeed be cancer!:-) I was really pleased that the man for the job ended up being the same surgeon who did my very first bowel surgery.

It was great to see him and catch up after all this time….nearly 7 years ago now since we last spoke!…time fly’s. He was fully up to speed on my situation and was only too happy to take the lump out.

Alice let me know yesterday that the biopsy was cancer positive which I must say I was very surprised to hear, particularly given the fact that apparently the CT scan didn’t appear to suggest that it was anything to worry about.

Some strange feelings at the moment as I take in this news. Part of me thinks, well nothing really changes as its off now and I am back to where I was before in that the cancer now just sits slow growing in my mediastinum / left arm pit. I have to admit another part does wonder whether things are picking up a bit of pace now that the lump (which was arguably fairly fast growing) turned out to be cancer as well. I am probably wrong and it is the former

Truth is though I still feel exactly the same – really well! 😊 I am continuing to run daily and as odd as it was to experience, the day after the surgery when I did a 10k it was the first time in months where I didn’t need to stop for a breather – weird eh!…..I am putting it down to the pure oxygen which I assume was still in my system from the op as I cant imagine that general anaesthetic would help in that way🤣

So next steps are essentially exactly the same as before….I will have another CT / bloods in around Sept / Oct where we will see what (if anything) has changed.

We are off for a small family break down to Cornwall in a couple of weeks time….can’t wait!

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  1. Well done for pushing it through and not worrying about Covid as too many will stay away from doctors in the current situation when early intervention will maybe save them . Keep on running, live to go for a bimble with you one day .

  2. I simply love how you can make anything sound positive! You’re amazing Tom. And my inspiration to keep running. Everytime I’m on the treadmill or running the lake, I think of you. I don’t love it like you do so I need your motivation to keep me moving! Very jealous of your trip to Cornwall! Hope we can make it back at Christmas for a catchup over a cocktail or two. Lots of love and hugs x

  3. Hey Tom,
    Thanks for the updates, still a roller coaster, but some positives too.
    Have a great family time in Cornwall. Could do with a few days off too.
    Big love and HUGS
    Mark, Diana & da Boyz X

  4. Some time since we caught up with you Tom but not out of sight out of mind.

    We hope you’re all enjoying Cornwall and some good weather.

    Thinking of you as ever.

    Viv and Bill

  5. Not what you wanted to hear, I’m sure, but you will cope amazingly as you always have done. Enjoy Cornwall and keep on running!
    Love to you all, Caroline and Peter x

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