7 months in

So with 7 months in and 14 chemo cycles down the hatch I thought I would ping out another brief update.

The bottom line is that I still feel good 😀. Particularly in the second week of each treatment cycle things almost go back to normal and the side effects lessen a lot. I remain sure that the running and cycling play a huge part in keeping my mind and body focused throughout it all, so as long as I still can do it I will 100% keep jumping on the treadmill and peloton each day.

At the last oncologist session the results of the latest CT scan show that the cancer is stable which was a big relief to hear. The CEA blood markers are also levelling off. At the moment it is clear that the chemo is ’doing its thing’ exactly as intended and so for the timbering time being we will just carry on. Whilst it would on the one hand be nice to be able to have a break from it, on the other I’m just thrilled that it’s working and that it is buying me the time that I so want with family and friends. I also am now starting to investigate more the clinical trials route in the hope that there maybe something out there that I can benefit from when the chemo stops working…nothing yet, but I remain positive that something will come up.

The team at Royal Berks continue to be such a support and have really helped deal with all the side effects that have been thrown at me. One of the biggest being the skin reaction, where I now have some ‘wonder cream’ which was recently prescribed making a massive difference. I had thought that my hair would completely go but so far what’s left is hanging in there:-) As for feeling nausea this does come and go in the week of treatment but is all still very much something I can live with for the moment. I’ve even managed to convince one of the wonderful chemo nurses to restart running after she gave it to a few years ago…we’ve both decided that I can be her coach which essentially means I am allowed to hassle her on each visit to make sure she is keeping it up!:-). Bless her she is doing really well and I’m really glad so far she is sticking with it.

So with Xmas just round the corner and a kick ass holiday to look forward to in April life is really good!😀 Thank you everyone who has been in touch recently, your support really does mean a great deal.

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  1. Wonderful to hear you are doing so well, your positive attitude is an inspiration! all will continue to do it’s work. Take care

  2. So glad you are doing ok! Keep up with your positive outlook- that’s what’s helping you through this! Sending love and hugs to you, Catherine and the boys, Gilly xx

  3. Really great to hear Tom, had to let you know you also inspired me to start running again and have doing so for 19 months three times a week! So you are sort of my coach too Glad you are doing so well. Lots of love xxx

  4. Hi Tom
    It’s Karen Barron from your Nintendo days
    Just been catching up on your journey and absolutely thrilled to see you are still so strong, enjoying your running and cycling and just generally the hope you inspire is incredible
    I cannot comprehend what you have been through but can clearly see you are forever hopeful and supportive to everyone and I just want to say hi, wish you all the very best health & happiness and a merry Christmas too

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