New Year Update

Happy New Year!!

Though I would drop out a quick NY update with some “good” and “not really sure whether bad news or not”. The good news… the main despite being nearly 9 months into this chemo regime, I really do feel physically and mentally very well / strong. Its also great to be able to say that despite the side effects being a little more intense on each chemo hit, the number of days I feel rough during each chemo cycle is not getting any longer – what I mean is that it still only generally lasts around 3-4 days out of the 14 days. After that, other than how I look (I’m no oil painting now unfortunately!…although bless the boys who keep saying “don’t worry Dad, we cant notice anything” 🤣), I actually feel really good and life is pretty much normal. Even in the days when I have the pump on when I don’t feel 100%, I can continue exercising so I really cant complain (in fact on the day immediately after being in hospital I can feel super charged with the steroids – ha ha!)

So onto the “not real sure if bad news or not”… I think I have mentioned on previous posts, since the chemo started back in April on each cycle the CEA blood markers have shown a steady drop which demonstrates that the chemo is working. Unfortunately on the last cycle (last week), it has risen (from 17 to 37). As this is a fairly significant increase I am booked in for a CT next Tuesday to see what’s going on if anything. Worst case scenario is that the chemo has stopped working and the cancer is growing / spreading. However, it could equally be that as I had an extra week off (3 week gap rather than 2 weeks during xmas), that this has pushed the number up a bit temporarily. The next bloods will be taken on Monday next week in readiness for the 19th cycle chemo on the 19th Jan….this will be a key result as it should show if they are either continuing to rise or have fallen back down. This, coupled with the CT scan on the Tuesday will mean that I have a really good idea on what is going on.

I cant lie and say that this news wasn’t a big blow when I found out last week, as I have been getting really used to seeing the CEA go down on every cycle. However, now that I have had some time to process and get my head around, I am actually feeling ok with it….there are genuinely a number of reasons why this result has come through and so I will continue to be ‘glass half full’ on why. I figure there really is no point in worrying about and lets just see next week 👍

In the meantime, running and riding continue to be a complete crutch for me and without it I know I would be in a very different place both physically and mentally. It continues to be frustrating that I cant get my lung working as I would ideally like when running, however I guess if I am honest with myself, I have allow for the fact that the chemo over the past 8-9 months will have taken its toll and so to expect any ‘performance improvement’ is a bit naïve. At least with the bike it means I can keep going without having to stop (as is generally the case with running). The bottom line is that I can still do something everyday and that really is all that matters – if I can keep up the 150-200km of peloton and 20 odd km of running on the treadmill each week that’ll do me nicely

In other news, only 12 weeks to go until the Maldives!! – we are all super excited….bring it on. I really cannot wait to spend this time with Catherine and the boys as part of our ‘memory building mission’! 😁

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  1. You continue to blow my mind Well done you for keep so strong mentally, let alone the physical endurance you are putting yourself through. A true inspiration. Be kind to your self, you lege!! Happy new year to you all xx

  2. Tom, you are, as always, ridiculously awe inspiring! You have an amazing attitude towards all you have to go through, facing it all head on with such positivity. Good luck for next week my lovely. Xx

  3. You never cease to amaze me with your wonderful positive attitude. all will be well next week. Keep focussing on the Maldives, it will be amazing. Sending you all positive energy

  4. Tom, your positivity is amazing, well done you. So glad exercise is your crutch and having the positive effects it has for you.
    Your holiday sounds amazing!

  5. Wow Tom, you are such an inspiration and so positive when I’m sat here morning about another bout of chest infections and steroids!
    Amazing how you keep so positive! Exercise is so important, totally with you there! Fingers crossed it was a blip and a countdown to the Maldives xxx

  6. Looking forward to seeing you 6 May…. Not Maldives but good old Telford!!! We will have a blast mate!!
    Take care and have a great holiday!!!

  7. Happy New Year Tom! I’m taking inspiration from your exercise drive; it’s such an important focal point amongst the chaos, isn’t it. And also important to get the beach body ready in time for the Maldives – which sounds like an amazing holiday !

  8. Hey Tom, as always your positivity is so inspiring and always makes me motivated to achieve more and look forward, whilst also appreciating the here and now. Good luck next week and can’t wait to see the Maldives updates. Sun, sea and relaxation, well deserved x

  9. Tom Hoping you get more good news as you continue to inspire us all x Allso hope you get some great photos in the Maldives ( I find a hat and sunglasses help!!) and have some great memory making moments x

  10. I’m so glad your getting to the Maldives. I have been and it is the most magical place. Your gonna love the snorkelling on the reef and swimming to the drop off. It is unbelievable, beautiful and stunning and you guys are gonna have the best time. Fingers and toes all crossed for good news with your next lot of results. I’m sure it will be. Your a champ amd a huge inspiration. The boys must be so proud to have u as their dad. Keep fighting

  11. We have everything crossed for your results next week and that the thought of the Maldives (so envious), as well as running and cycling, will see you through the next few weeks!
    Love from us all!

  12. Stay focused and maintain that positivity. Don’t get too frustrated if the airline don’t count the Peloton as ‘hand luggage’. Best wishes for an amazing holiday.

  13. Great to hear of your Maldives break. We returned from a holiday there (Baros Island) just before lockdown in March 2020. You are going to have a fabulous time. Bet you can’t wait! Meanwhile, hoping to hear more news. Lots of love from us all in Twickenham.

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