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  1. Great blog, inspiring. I was diagnosed stage 4 bowel Cancer in August 2013. Big shock! Had my large bowel removed and spider the stoma was born! During my first set of chemo i found out that I had secondaries to the liver, maybe we have the same surgeon, Merv Rees?
    Anyway 2 years on, 2 liver resections on and countless chemo I about to start another 4 cycles this week (further liver and pancreas secondaries but they have shrunk under last chemo cycle). Started training last week for this years Great South run, still determined to do it whilst on chemo so any tips would be useful, chemo is f5u,oxaplatin and panatamumab. Ran last year in similar situation more if a plod but training and the goal of finishing keeps you focused . Anyway got the go, start reading your blogs for tips,

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