50 In Feb

10th Feb this year would have been Tom’s 50th birthday.

To celebrate, we have come up with the ’50 In Feb’ challenge.

It’s easy to join in, just choose something to do 50 times in Feb.
You could do a Tom themed challenge like:-

  • Run 50 miles in Feb
  • Cycle 50 miles
  • Eat 50 bags of Frazzles
  • Drink 50 bottles of Rioja – (maybe limit this to glasses)
  • Eat 50kg of cheese

Or come up with your own ’50 In Feb’ challenge. It can be as easy, hard or just plain daft as you like, it would just be great to make some noise on social media to celebrate Tom’s birthday.

You don’t have to do your challenge all in one go, you can spread it over the whole month of Feb. I’m going to attempt to run 50 miles, Tom would have done this in a couple of afternoons, but I’ll have to spread it out a bit and am aiming for 2 miles per day for 25 days.

Every time you do all or part of your challenge, post about it on Facebook, tag in Run Through Cancer and use the hashtags #50inFeb and #bowelcanceruk

It would be great to raise some more money to add to Tom’s already massive total of just over £23k so we have some t-shirts, hoodies and sweatshirts with the Run Through Cancer logo printed on them. All profits will be donated to Beating Bowel Cancer and you’ll own an epic t-shirt.

The t-shirts, hoodies and sweatshirts are only on sale for 21 days. After that time all the orders will be printed and shipped, so hopefully you’ll have yours to wear at beginning of Feb. You can then post pics of yourself doing your ’50 In Feb’ challenge in your Run Through Cancer apparel.

To order your exclusive Run Through Cancer apparel go to https://communitee.co.uk/50-in-feb

Look epic – Help save lives

Looking forward to seeing what everyone does. Cheers, Jez.

Tom's in Run Through Cancer t-shirts
None of the above Tom’s actually endorse the Run Through Cancer t-shirt, but are more than welcome to join in the ’50 In Feb’ Challenge.

7 Replies to “50 In Feb”

  1. Fab idea, we will come up with something for us in Aust. 50 VB, 50 shrimps on the barbie or 50km run for month of Feb xx

  2. I see my t-shirt is on the way! I’ve decided to row 50 miles in Feb (on my rowing machine of course). I can then justify eating 50 bags of Frazzles.

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