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Hope everyone is well in these continuing mad times! – almost starting to become a bit ‘normal’ now I guess eh:-)

So today was the day I have been apprehensively waiting for as I got the results from the latest set of blood tests. Unfortunately, it has indeed confirmed that the cancer is back as the CA marker has risen to 80 (similar level to when it was last in my lung prior to the pneumonectomy). To be honest I shouldn’t really be that surprised as Alice was clear to tell me when we last spoke in February that it was very likely to be the case.

In the past few months, I have also developed a lump on my upper back (same side as where the lung was taken out) which initially I thought was a just a cyst / lipoma. I obviously mentioned this today to Alice and she was able to have a good look at (fortunately the appointment was face to face, having initially been booked as a phone call given Covid). To my surprise she thinks that this maybe something cancer related given the fact that it doesn’t feel to her like either a cyst or lipoma.

So next steps are now clear with a CT scan being booked in at some point over the next 2 weeks. This will give a clear view of where in my body the cancer is. There is a small part of me which wonders (and hopes) whether it is only in this lump on my back……if so then maybe there is a chance that this can be operated on…long shot but you never know. If, of course it is back in the area which Alice originally mentioned – in the mediastinum, then of course this is a different situation.

I have lots of thoughts running through my head at the moment with many questions….I can only really find out the answers to these after the scan. The option of joining a clinical trial is one which I still really hope maybe possible, however right now this isn’t on the cards.

In terms of how I feel right now……really good and strong! I am continuing to work full time and run everyday (around 60k a week) which helps so much to keep my mind clear and focused on ‘the fight’😊. Catherine and the boys are, as always, doing what they do best and keeping everything as normal as possible….frankly I’d be lost without them! I consider myself very lucky to have them on my team x

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  1. Thinking of you Tom you are a truly an amazing positive young man. Wishing you well through this yet another challenge for you. My thoughts are with you and hoping for good response. Take care Maralyn xx

  2. So glad that you were able to have a face to face consultation as this has triggered the CT scan, which will help to decide what comes next. You are such an inspiration Tom and, with your lovely family, I’m sure that you will tackle any challenge head on.
    Much love, Caroline and Peter x

  3. Sending hugs to one truly amazing, very brave man. You are an inspiration, always keeping so positive despite all the problems thrown at you.

  4. I have dipped into your web site Tom to see how you are going. Still the same spirit I see. Just keep on going, never give in. That is all we can do and who knows what can happen. Take care.
    John Studholme and family.. Cumbria
    PS I let Tim Farron our Lib Dem M P know of your case some time ago. He is a good guy and and a runner.If there is anything he can do just let me know.

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