Radiotherapy update

A good day today, where I finally found out what will happen. So, in a nutshell it will be an intensive 8 cycle radiotherapy treatment plan (over 8 days) which will start in around 4 weeks. I will have a CT planning session in a couple of weeks.

I have been selected to take part in a trial / study on something called SABR (stereotactic ablative radiotherapy). This is apparently something that they want to roll out more widely on the NHS but currently only have limited funds to offer to everyone. So in that respect I am very lucky and incredibly grateful. Essentially the treatment means that the dose is more intense / focused, thereby reducing the number of sessions.

I continue to feel very good physically – other than a rather annoying running injury which is forcing me to take a few days off…arrggh:-).

Today has once again reminded me of what an incredible organisation the NHS is and just how forward thinking those I have been exposed to in the area of oncology are…thank god there are such amazing people like this out there doing this invaluable work – thankyou all so much!!

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  1. Great to hear you have been selected for SABR, apparently much better for your surrounding tissues too. Let’s blast this SOB! Jog on cancer!!! Ginny and Jez xx

  2. Sounds like a great day. We are delighted for you…The NHS really is full of special people and I am very grateful for everything they do too. Thanks for the update and enjoy the next four weeks

  3. Good luck with the treatment, will be thinking of you. Hope you get through the running injury quickly and back out on the road. There’s an opening for you now that Mo is finished!

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