We have a plan!

So I now have a plan:-)….the SABR radiotherapy treatment will kick off on the 6th Sept. It will be administered ‘every other day’, with the last fraction being given on the 22nd Sept.

They have been kind enough to arrange for each session to be either early or late in the day…this will be great as it will mean that I can still try and keep things ‘as normal as possible’ coming into work still each day.

Once again I have been talked through how everything will go and what the potential side effects will be. Given the fact that I have some previous experience with radiotherapy I am confident that it shouldn’t be too bad.

I remain incredibly optimistic that this is exactly the right treatment plan for me, and the more I speak to the team here the more reassured I am that Alice has everything in hand!. I know I often mention Alice in my update posts, however it is at times like this that I thank my lucky starts that she has been my oncologist and ‘wing man!’ throughout everything.

Thank-you Alice…I really feel like this is a team effort and together, with the continued support from all my wonderful family and friends we will beat this bugger once and for all:-)

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  1. So glad it’s all in place for you Tom, what a great support this team must be. Keep us posted and let me know if you’ll be requiring any crisp deliveries xxxx

  2. I’d like to thank Alice too .. God love her for everything she is doing to help you smash this. Keep smiling Tom .. I feel your energy in every post and it’s invigorating. I’m off for a run now 🙂 x

  3. Best of luck Tom. I’m amazed and inspired reading your page I have a feeling that your going to nail this Enjoy the rest of the summer with your lovely family Xxx

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