Back in the lungs….part 2!

It’s all becoming a bit tiresome now:-)..unfortunately I have to report that after a recent CT, the cancer is back in the lungs yet again. Looking at the positive, which I am most definitely, this time it’s only in one of them (the left) and it’s also very small, so should only be one keyhole surgery.

Alice only told me last week and so I am still yet to know for sure what the treatment will be. The next step will be for John Pilling (my lung surgeon) to contact me and let me know what he wants to do. I suspect it will either be to get me in for immediate surgery, or it maybe that he wants to leave it a while to see if anything else develops so he can ‘get it all in one go’. Let’s see.

I have decided to ‘park’ the London marathon this year and instead focus on something a bit later in the year. Catherine and I quite fancy a trip out to Venice, so maybe we will kill two birds for a quick marathon followed by a few days of sightseeing!.

6 Replies to “Back in the lungs….part 2!”

  1. Oh Tom I am so so sorry to hear that the cancer is back, after all you have been through. Keep on fighting, thinking positive thoughts for you xxxx

  2. Debating whether to go sympathetic or inappropriate with comments…..but basically what a bag o shite. Glad it’s been dx early and you have morphine to enjoy again. There. Covered all bases. Xxx

  3. Tom, the Venice marathon sounds fabulous and you and Catherine will love it. Staying focussed on the positive will get you to Venice, I only wish we could be there to cheer you on! Thoughts are with you all xx Siobhan

  4. Hi Tom. We are so sorry to hear this. Venice sounds like a plan for sure :-). Take care and lots of love to you all xx Phillipa & Darren

  5. Tom, so sorry to hear your news but the good thing is they found it quickly. You are fit and so positive that you can overcome this latest hurdle. Good luck. xx

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