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It’s been 3 weeks now since the lung surgery and I most certainly feel ‘back on form’ again. As it had been a while since I felt the buzz of running in a race (last one being London marathon back in April), I decided to enter a local 10k last weekend. I can’t deny it was fantastic to be back, remembering ‘that feeling’ once again. As I was aware that the lungs are not back to where they were pre-surgery I didn’t push too hard – it wasn’t about ‘the time’, it was really just about the ‘knowing I could still do it’.

I am up to around 25 miles a week now and over the coming months my plan is to gradually increase that mileage in the slow build up to the London marathon 2017 which I have in my mind to do again….for my friends at Beating Bowel Cancer of course!:-)

Yesterday I met up with Alice to discuss the next steps. She was very pleased with how both the surgeries went and also how my recovery was going. I was naturally thrilled to hear that she didn’t feel it was necessary at this stage to do any more chemo. She explained that this maybe something which will come into play if and when I have a recurrence….let’s hope not eh!.

It’s funny but as time passes since I was first diagnosed (back in Dec 2013), somehow I feel differently about everything….I am now acutely aware that ‘cancer’ will probably always be a part of my life in one way or another and that I will go from scan to scan in the hope that I will never see it again. In a strange sort of way it is a kind of motivator for me as I remind myself how much easier it is to get over treatment (whether it be surgery and / or chemo / radio) the fitter you are…..now as I go out on each run, whether it is a training run or a race, in the back of my mind I have this underlying thought.

At the end of the day I remain determined to not allow Cancer to run my life….if it comes back so be it….I know I will be ready again for ‘the fight’ should this be the case. However, while I remain ‘free of it’ as I now am, I will carry on enjoying and living life to the full. If there is one thing that all the ‘ups and downs’ over the past 3 years has taught me it’s that with the right support around you, coupled with a focused and positive attitude you really can beat it.

For anyone else out there who is unfortunate enough to ever hear those dreaded words “you have cancer”, remember this doesn’t mean your life is over…..quite the contrary, it can often be a chance to refocus your mind and energies on something far more positive!

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  1. Beautiful words Tom. Your fitness levels put so many of us to shame. So glad you are doing well after this recent surgery. Sending you all lots of love Phillipa & Darren xx

  2. A true inspiration Tom, you really do put everything into perspective. Glad to hear you’re recovering well. Thinking of you 🙂 x

  3. Great news to hear it’s all gone again Tom, was only thinking about you while I was on my run this evening, and it was that that kept my feet pounding the pavement! Lots of love and looking forward to seeing you all soon xxx

  4. Well done, Tom – positive as always. I can’t run like you but managed the 10k Henley Path Challenge (walk) in September. Took me over 2 hrs but I have been on chemo for over two years now. You are right about cancer being a motivator and being fit certainly helps a lot. Really pleased to hear you are doing so well – long may it last. xx

  5. So glad to hear you are doing so well after your surgery Tom!
    Very inspirational words and you were certainly instrumental in getting me interested in running which I now love..
    It’s wonderful you are able to carry on doing what you love and your attitude towards life and this disease is to be admired.. good for you
    All the best for future runs and the marathon next year Karen x

  6. You are so inspirational – a positive outlook is always the way forward! Keep on Running as Spencer Davis said! xx

  7. You do have a way with words Tom, continuing to inspire with them. I can picture you pounding the paths putting all you’ve got into the effort. Onwards and upwards….

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