Surgery on Thursday…

As suspected following an appointment with John since my last update, it’s off to the surgery table again for me:-). Too be honest I was really pleased to hear that this is the route he wants to take. The fact that I recovered reasonably well last time I think gives him confidence that this is the best option given the situation.

So I am booked in to take out this latest cancer instalment on Thursday…same place, same procedure as before. Assuming everything goes like it did last time then hopefully I can be out of hospital a day or 2 after surgery and then back to work and running sooner rather than later.

Having finally shaken off a recent annoying injury, it’s been great to now be in a position to ‘bank’ as many miles as I can in the run up to surgery. Physically I really do feel great. I am also definitely mentally ready to take on the challenge once again….

Hope to report back all went well with the op…I’m sure it will

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  1. Hi mate, sorry to hear, but it’s going to be fine and let’s go with this being the last time. If we can help out in some way, don’t be shy to ask.

  2. So sorry to hear of further surgery. We will be thinking of you, Catherine and the boys. All our love, Soph and Clive xxxx

  3. We are all still thinking of you Tom and wish you all the best for the scan results.
    Running at the rate you do is superhuman, putting us mere mortals to shame! Take care in the heat though!

    Love from us all,

    Viv , Bill and family xx

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