Scan results

Still all a little unclear, however unfortunately today’s results didn’t quite give me the news I had hoping for.

In a nutshell it was what I would probably call ‘good’ and ‘not so good’ news….On the plus side the CT scan itself has not picked up anything ‘new’ in the lungs. That is clearly a relief and something which I am very much clinging onto. On the ‘not so good’ side, my CEA blood result levels have come back with an abnormally high number…..36. It may well be that it is nothing to write home about, however on the other hand could indicate that the cancer is back somewhere else.

The only way of knowing for sure is to have a PET scan which should give all the answers Alice needs. She wants to move on this quickly which was great to hear….I will be booked in for the PET scan back in Oxford again at some point in the next 2 weeks, with a follow up appointment to see Alice again on the 3rd July.

So it’s the waiting game for now…….and in the meantime it’s more of the same, with running taking center stage as usual:-)

Will update again on the 3rd July when I know more.

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  1. Are you feeling this as irritation? It feels to me like you have taken up hurdling!! Get rid of that cancer and get to Bestival!!!

  2. Tom, sorry to hear it wasn’t 100% what you were hoping for!! You and your family are a real inspiration and we are all behind you waiting finally for that 100% good news!!

    Love to you all & keep running!

  3. Tom,

    Well as you say, possibly nothing to be worried about and our thoughts are with you mate.

    Speak soon – BTW don’t think you can use something as trivial as Cancer to get out of dressing up for Camp Bestival – I’m looking forward to seeing you in the Village People or Erasure outfit I know you have got ready!

  4. Fingers crossed that everything is ok and this is just a spurious result. Looking forward to meeting up again at the end of the summer.

  5. Excellent attitude Tom. Don’t overdo it in the heat though!

    All the family thinking of you still.

    Will check this page on 3rd July. Good luck xx

  6. Tom thinking of you tomorrow. Fingers crossed you come.away with positive news. Please shout if you need help with the boys at any time.

  7. Hi Tom. Thinking of you and for sure Id like to catch up with you at some point. Your site and posts remain inspiration. So impressive. Take care and hopefully catch up soon.

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