Results day 👍

Following last weeks CT scan, it was back to see Alice again this morning for the results.

Over the past few weeks since the cancer lump was removed from my back I have started to feel things happening under the left armpit. While I was quietly optimistic, honestly in my heart of hearts I have to say that I had expected things to have progressed / spread. Anyway Catherine and I found out today that it hasn’t!😀

Amazingly the blood markers haven’t really changed at all and the CT scan itself shows no further spreads. Just the small cancer growths under the arm and mediastinum as was picked up before in the last scan.

Whilst the cancerous node under my armpit is something that I can now feel, it is actually no bigger. The even better news is that Alice is now of the view that as it appears to have some calcification attached to it, surgery is a real possibility. She is going to refer me to a new surgeon, Andy Pay (based out of both Oxford and Reading) who apparently specialises in this kind of treatment.

She is also going to refer me to another specialist at the Royal Marsden to explore the possibility of trials for later down the line.

All in all, I really couldn’t have asked for more from today. Knowing that we are actually going to do something makes such a difference…whilst I know the longer term prognosis is unlikely to change as the cancer is still there in the mediastinum and armpit, the fact that some of it maybe possible to remove is a result!

Running, as always, continues to be a massive factor in helping to keep me feeling both physically and mentally strong….nothing has really changed in that department since all this started nearly 7 years ago. I’m trying to stick to 10km a day which is just about possible (albeit with a few breather stops along the way for the lung to catch up 🤣).

I remaining eternally thankful to my entire support team for getting me to where I am now. A combination of Alice pulling the strings on the medical side, along with Catherine, my family and friends being there for me every single step makes it so much easier to get through….thank you all so much xx

Now bring on that surgical knife, I’m more than ready!!

10 Replies to “Results day 👍”

  1. Wow Tom, good news indeed and something to keep positive about. Glad the running is going well, one lung or not, I would never be able to keep up with you (maybe on my bike )
    Massive HUG from us Stallwood’s

  2. You seem determined to visit every specialist..Tom on Tour. Great positive news and you still run faster than most people I know x

  3. What great news – the chance to be doing something again must feel wonderful! Fingers crossed for approval from the new surgeon and maybe trials later on!
    Much love from Caroline and Peter x

  4. That’s great news Tom which gives hope and optimism that something can be done. Keep your spirits up and keep up the running. Your determination is simply amazing. Keep going Pal.

  5. That sounds encouraging news Tom. It must be such a relief to know that the cancer is not growing aggressively and that under-arm surgery is now a practical option. We hope and pray that the consultation with Andy Pay goes well, along with any ongoing and future treatment.

    Lots of love from all the Watsons xxx

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