Out the other side again 👍

So that’s it….back out the other side again!. I’m yet to see Simon (the surgeon), as I gather he moved onto another case after me. I understand from his colleagues he had in the room at the time everything went well. Catherine also said the same when I woke up having been told the same.

Apparently when Simon got ‘in there’ it transpired that the cancer had grown a bit. With this in mind it meant that he had to take the entire lung out. Whilst it’s really disappointing to hear, I am reminded of where I was only a few weeks back when I was told surgery was out of the question and I only had 2-3 years to live. I am now really confident that this will give me many more to enjoy life to the full !😀

The big test for me will be when I start running again…sooner rather than later hopefully. I’m told that only having one lung will not have to stop me. I am completely focussed now on making sure it doesn’t!

Thank you all for your incredibly kind messages of support to Catherine and I. We have such wonderful family and friends and I genuinely feel that I have that ‘army of people’ supporting every step of the way!

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  1. So glad it went well and you are confident for the future Tom. I have no doubt you will be running again, you are amazing and I get the feeling nothing will stop you! Thinking of you and Catherine and the boys and look forward to many more Strava updates with paces that I could only dream of! Love from Aust xx

  2. So glad it’s all done, who needs two lungs anyway when one will do just fine! Great news Tom, Bring on the running xxxxx

  3. Amazing news Tom . You’ve got plenty of time to devise your come back plan. Rest and let everyone look after you for a while . Lots of love to Catherine and the boys xxx

  4. So pleased that the op went well, even if more extensive than planned. Take plenty of time to rest and recover – you’ll be back up and running soon enough! Caroline and Peter xx

  5. Great news Tom. Lots of love to you guys and a speedy recovery from the surgery!
    Lots of love

  6. Delighted to hear your news. Apparently some people only ever have one lung and run marathons so I can totally see you doing the same. I wish I could say I would join you but as usual you are putting me to shame. When you run that London Marathon I will however be out to support you so let me know. I can imagine you won’t rest and will rush back to work so I won’t even tell you not to!!

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