One week on

So here I am one week on from surgery and thought I would drop another quick update out.

I really had hoped that by now I would be home, however unfortunately that hasn’t been possible. A lot of what I have gone through this last week is very similar to the previous surgeries. This has meant I’ve been able to keep ahead of the game a bit in terms of planning / expecting it. For example, the fact that I know painkillers have given me fairly nasty constipation in the past has allowed me to plan ahead and take plenty of laxatives. The new element this time round is the pain which has been far more intense than the others. It all stems from a shortness of breathe which can kick in randomly without a lot of notice.

When it does happen (usually evenings and early mornings for some reason) it can be a bit scary as my breathing is very shallow and trying to take deep breaths to get some control back isn’t easy as the wound from where they went in sits right around the diaphragm.

At end of the day I am reminded by the team here that it will take a little time for my body to compensate for the loss of a lung….I’m really not worried that it won’t happen however I guess in my head I had just hoped that it would have been a bit quicker than it has been so far.
Other than the pain control, the other reason for having to stay in (probably until Friday) is the fact that I have developed a post op infection which they are treating with IV antibiotics. It really isn’t anything major, it is just that they are seeing some of the warning markers (like temperature) being reached so want to get on top of.

So focusing on the positives, the team were really pleased in general on how the operation went. The daily CT scans I am having done are showing exactly what they should be – ie that the void left by the left lung is filling nicely with body fluid.

All the usual vitals are great, blood pressure, ECG etc so no worries there.

I am keeping as active as I can…a few laps around the ward during the day to keep the lung clear. They have also put an exercise bike at the end of my bed and I have been giving that a go as well…..sadly no running machines here🤣.
I cannot wait to be well enough to start running again.

They’ve told me to expect 4-6 weeks…let’s see about that!:-).

Was great to see the boys at the weekend!

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  1. Aww great news that you are as positive as ever and we are all rooting for you to be back on track as soon as you are able. Big Hugs from Cullompton xxxxx

  2. Oh Tom, what you and the Family are going through. Keep the positivity going Bud, get fit and promise to call me to arrange that round of golf.. Big Love, The Stallwood’s

  3. Tom it seems to me you are doing super well and we are so pleased to hear that. I have never heard of a bike at the end of the bed in hospital. Bet the boys love that!!! Take care
    Phillipa & Darren

  4. Great news Tom and joining the dark side of cycling is the way forward Hurst Velo CC will welcome you with open arms. Hope to see you back this weekend. Cheers Ian, Emily, Jacob, Milly and Sam xxx

  5. Sending healing love Tom.
    Be kind to yourself – you will be running
    again, of that I’m sure, but in the meantime,
    give yourself permission to let the healing
    take its course. Your job is to be patient, in
    the knowledge that you will get there, maybe
    not as quickly as you’d like, but it will happen.
    Big hugs,
    Caz xx

  6. You are an inspiration and brave in your positive approach. What a fantastic role mode you are to the boys. Wishing you well for speedy recovery

  7. Thinking of you Tom. Shame we’re not at the same hospital so I could pop by for a visit! See you next week I hope xxx

  8. Wow you are so positive. “Positive thinking” was David Pearce”s mantra. (Derrick’s cousin, my 1st husband) It helped him through some tough times particularly ops. and setbacks. Good luck!

  9. Wow Tom, you’re really going through the works and still sounding strong, good for you. You’re always fighting this as hard as you can and I admire your attitude because I know how hard it can be. Keep up the good work.

  10. That is brilliant Tom. Sounds like a bit of a delay with needing the IV Abx and some adaptation and I hope you will be back home soon if not already in the time I have read this. I have seen how tough it is to stay calm when you can’t catch your breath and I know you have the positivity of mind to figure out your way to keep calm while your oxygen comes up. Best of luck and love to Catherine and the boys. Ginny and Jeremy x

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