Got a surgery date

Following a lung function test, coupled with a PET / CT scan a couple of weeks back, its ‘a go’ for surgery on the 1st May!

I still can’t quite believe it’s all happening, and I continue to thank my lucky stars that not only did I come across Simon, but also that he is prepared to operate…. result!.

I am physically and mentally feeling really good and remain completely ready to go under the knife.

Unfortunately, due to the lack of lung function while I am running at the moment, I have decided with great regret to defer my London Marathon place until next year.

As well as the lung function / PET scan, I also had an endobronchial ultra-sound. Essentially it allows them to see the tumour itself to ultimately confirm what they are seeing on the scans.

Anyway as part of this, the chap that did it mentioned that the tumour appears to be almost completely obstructing part of the lung airways on the left side….he said that it is therefore probably no great surprise that I struggle a bit when running

I am hoping that if all goes well and Simon can take the tumour out without having to take a lung out, fingers crossed I will get my complete lung function back – that would be about the best outcome in my head. I can then set my sights on tackling the London Marathon next year with a half decent time hopefully😊!

Thank you so much everyone for your supportive words over the last few weeks – both Catherine and I really appreciate it.

Now, bring on the 1st May!!

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  1. Great news Tom and Catherine. Great to know there’s another step ahead – even if you don’t actually run that step ! Thinking of you both.

  2. Great news Tom – we are so pleased that you’ve been given the go-ahead and a date. Sending you love and our very best wishes for a successful op on May 1st. Caroline and Peter x

  3. Our thoughts and vibes will be with you and the family on 1 May. Your determination will bring positive results. Enjoy watching the marathon today! Sylvia and Colin

  4. Hi Tom, Bill and I are thinking of you and your beautiful family, and wish you love and all the very best for 1st May.

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