Can’t quite believe it, but for once I have some good news!. So, after meeting with the surgeon at Royal Brompton today he told me he can do it!!!.

Yes of course there are risks involved…it maybe that once he gets in there it becomes apparent that he can’t take it out. Also an outside chance that he may have to take a lung out. However these risks are relatively low and so in his view it’s definitely worth doing. That’s good enough for me!

He has also run a marathon which makes him ‘number 1 guy’ in my book 😀👍.

I will have a series of tests over the next 2 weeks and then see him again for the results. Assuming they are all fine, then surgery will be all booked in.

Happy days!

21 Replies to “Woohoo!”

  1. Awesome news mate, step 1 = tick that box. step 2 = box soon to be ticked. step 3 = box to be ticked after step 2, etc. etc. I’m loving it mate, there’s no more deserving a person for this to be over for than you!!! Let’s plan a beer session to celebrate (any excluse you know me).

  2. Oh my Tom that is such a positive response I have tears in my eyes for you. My love and thoughts are with you for a great result.xx

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