All done 😀

Really pleased to be able to report that yesterday’s operation went well and I’m back “out the other side” again. In the end it was a slightly longer one, as it was decided that as well as taking out the cancer node from the armpit, Andy also wanted to take a wider margin from the previous back operation (done in July) having looked at the notes on file. All in and after 6 hours the job was done and dusted😀.

Can’t tell you how pleased I am it’s over with as I have to admit it was starting to play on my mind a bit and I was feeling it when I ran.

Yet again (this being operation number 8) I am reminded what a truly incredible and wonderful institution our NHS organisation is….. every single one of them being a total professional with such a caring nature. I simply wouldn’t be here today without them and will remain eternally grateful!

So the plan now is to rest up over the weekend and then they will make a decision on letting me home depending on the timing of the drains and catheter removal.

Really looking forward to seeing Catherine later this morning for our ‘one hour only Covid restricted’ visit….thank a lot Mum for looking after the boys!! Love to you all x

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  1. So glad it went well Tom! Get better really soon and you’ll be back running in no time! Love to Catherine, from Marie-Claire’s Aunty Gilly! Xxx

  2. So glad all went well, your positivity always amazes me. Get well soon, am sure you will be up and running again in no time.
    PS say hi to your mum from me xx

  3. Great news Tom, rest up and get some strength back! U’10s played well this morning but unfortunately lost 3-1…I’m sure Oli will tell you all about it. All the best Nick

  4. So pleased Tom you’re out the other side.
    Love to you, Catherine, the boys,
    your ma and pa and all the family.
    Love you all xx xx

  5. Great news Tom, you are in great hands with our NHS and your Catherine.
    Take care Mate and see you around..
    Da Stallwood’s X

  6. Great news Tom. Glad all went well. Rest up and here’s to a speedy recovery from the op! Lots of love to you all xx

  7. You are such a courageous and positive man Tom. Keep fighting and you’ll be back in your running shoes in no time…

    Very best wishes.

  8. Just seen wnat you’ve done today Tom. You really are astonishing, and we are so proud of you, all the way from Notts!
    You are amazing. The Rhodes family thinks of you often and send masses of love.

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