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Been a little while since my last post so thought I would just drop down a few words with the latest…..the last few months, despite the challenges we have all been facing with the lockdown have largely been ‘incident free’ cancer wise at least for me. It has been the first time in a little while where I really got to a point where I wasn’t thinking too much about it. Of course, in the back of my mind, I knew that there was a blood test coming up, but rather naively I think I had it in my head that this would all be ok, and the cancer wouldn’t have progressed any further particularly as I still feel good physically. I have totally recovered from the surgeries last year and running 50-60k a week.

Anyway, this morning I got the results from that blood test which was take a week or so ago and unfortunately have been reminded in a flash that the cancer is still very much there and now sadly growing. It was a phone appointment (given Covid rules) with Alice and short with a good clear idea of next steps. With the CEA marker now up to around 95, its now off to get a CT scan and work out where it is growing / progressing. The good news is that this has been booked soon (this Friday 19th). I will then have a follow up appointment on the 29th to get the results. At that point it will either be (a) to start Chemo or (b) not to start chemo. I think ideally Alice would like to avoid starting it given the fact that once it starts it will likely be a long course (she mentioned something around 12-18 months). I always knew this would happen at some point but can’t deny I was hoping that I may be able to ride this out for a little longer.

I think it’s fair to say that whatever the outcome of the scan, chemo will have started by the end of the year. Having now been brought back to earth with a bang, this news I must admit has floored me a bit as it reminds me that those family events in the future are likely to not be something that I will be there for…the boys getting married etc. In a few days once I have let this news properly set in, I know I will be ok and remain determined to continue living for today….at the end of the day this is something that I know is key to getting through it. I have just had a run and already feel a lot better!:-)….but seriously I do think that provided I continue to feel as I do, which honestly is still strong, then even with chemo potentially starting I can keep going and importantly continuing to enjoy all the precious moments with family and friends that I am so lucky to have at the moment.

So for now, it’s a simple plan in my mind… continue to enjoy the time I have left without looking too far in the future…all about living for today….now come on Boris let us out for some fun! 😉🙂

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  1. Tom,

    Not the best news for sure mate, but things can change as you know and I’m praying for them to change in a positive way.

    All the best, always happy to chat don’t forget!

  2. Oh Tom, sad news but you are such a positive person, keep fighting and live for the day. Sending you positive thoughts,

  3. So sorry hat you had bad news but with your positive attitude there will be many more days to come and memories to make! keep running and stay safe and lots hope if you have the chemo it night give you much more time with the family! Love Gilly (Marie-Claire’s aunty!)

  4. Thinking of you all Tom. So glad you are feeling good and your attitude is so positive. Stay strong. It’s a marathon not a sprint and if anyone can manage a marathon you can!xx

  5. Just saw your news of a bit of a setback! I’m sure that you will meet the challenge head-on as always, so fingers crossed that the scan suggests a way forward. In the meantime, you will be in our thoughts. Love from Caroline and Peter x

  6. I like your plan…I am quite sure you have it in you to surprise amaze and astound the doctors . In the meantime have fun and well done running through cancer x

  7. Tom,

    You are such an incredible person. I hope you get many more days to remember with your family and friends. You are surrounded by love and alongside your thirst for life, you will make the most of everyday to make every one matter.

    Much love and best thoughts buddy. Keep fighting the fight!


  8. Tom, desperately sorry to read your latest setback.

    With your positive mindset and tenacious fighting spirit you have kept beating the odds and you’ll strive to do so again this time round. Let your running continue to give you strength and courage. Keep battling mate.

    Very best wishes, Dave

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