7th Aug 2014: chemo start date

I think yesterday must have been a record for the number of medical appointments in 1 day since treatment started…3 in total!. The first 2 were to meet with my practitioner nurse (wound dressing) and stoma nurse (usual follow up). Finally later in the afternoon I had my first chance to see Alice since the liver surgery. No more ‘bombshells’ this time which was a relief!. To be honest I wasn’t expecting anything, given the fact that I haven’t been scanned since I came out. She had heard from Merv and was equally pleased with the progress I had made.

She then went on to explain that the 6 months chemo regime will start on the 25th August – just over 2 weeks from now. Strange really, but even though I knew this was exactly what she was going to cover off on this appointment, somehow it felt even more real..there is no getting away from the fact that this has to happen. I know this is going to be a rough old ride and I just hope that my body can tolerate it well enough for me to still work and run. Alice totally understands this and also wants me to be able to, however of course we both understand that until we have started we just don’t know.

So for the first time in a long time I have a few ‘days off’ from treatments / appointments. I will be back to hospital in the week commencing 18th August for the port-a-cath to go in, in readiness for the chemo to start the week after.

I have managed a couple more small runs since my last post which have been great to be able to do (for those who may be interested they are posted on the ‘my run’s page of the website). Hopefully over time I can increase these and get myself back into shape

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  1. Well done Tom. We are ever so impressed. As for chemo just another hurdle (admittedly rather a large one) to jump over. Will continue to keep everything crossed for you.
    Love Steve, Karen and Melanie

  2. Fabulous to read your August posts Tom … sounds like you’re on cracking form. I must remember to think of you when I next try a short run around the block … I’m really quite pathetic at tackling the hills in Redmond!! Definitely better on the treadmill! Best of luck with the chemo mate … we’ll be thinking of you from across the pond. Big hugs Juliette

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