CT scan update

Not quite sure how to articulate this update as it’s never been a message I have ever been told since this ‘whole cancer thing’ started.

So today was the results of the latest CT scan. Unfortunately not something that Alice could really sugar coat. In a nutshell the cancer is back in the lung (left side and around the size of a walnut….a small one I think). This time though it’s not a curable situation. She feels that anything up to 5 years would be a good estimate for what I have. As always Alice explained things perfectly and essentially has explained that for the time being she will keep monitoring my bloods and when the time is right she will start treatment..it won’t be surgery but either radio or chemo (or a combination of both).

This is news that Catherine and I were obviously hoping wouldn’t ever come, however at the same time at least we now know where we stand now and from now on its ‘project building memories’.

Physically I feel fine and am still running as much as I can…albeit a lot slower as the scar tissue from the last lot of radiotherapy is holding me back a bit on the breathing front.

Since my last update, Bowel Cancer UK have been in touch and offered me a place at next years London marathon. I would love to think I could do it one last time and so will focus all my efforts into training and see how I feel come the new year…then at the end of January I’ll make a call on whether I think I can do it.

So for now whilst it’s not been ‘a great day’ in the Pearce household, I really do feel strong and know that with Catherine and the boys beside me, I’m not going anywhere anytime soon:-).

Catherine and I have always tried to manage things where the cancer fits around us and not the other way around. We feel no reason to change this way of thinking despite this set back.

So for the moment while it has no impact on
our life’s let’s crack on babe!. Love you 😘 xx

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  1. Thinking of you all Tom. You have a fabulous attitude and strive to make the most of your life – something we must all learn and try to emulate. You are a role model in every way to your boys and everyone in your life. All our positive thoughts from Aust to you , Catherine and the boys and next year’s London marathon – Go Team Tom! xx

  2. Gutted to read this Tom no words can summarise it so we will move on and cherish life along with you and your family and will look forward to hearing about all the amazing achievements you will continue to rack up and the exciting adventures you will no doubt enjoy together. Xxx with much love to you all from The Lyon family xxxx

  3. What can I say Tom, so sad to read your latest news, you are a really brave man and an inspiration to everyone. Keep fighting, as you have been doing, keep running if you can and enjoy your family and your life. Thinking of you, xxx

  4. This is crap news, but if you’re open to trying something alternative, please Google’s lady called Karen Best, Bodytalk. It’s a Tapping technique that tunes into the body, Karen has had great success with people who’ve had cancer when the doctors have said nothing can help. I know it might sound loopy but I’ve had too many experiences now where this really works for people. Please please contact Karen. Much Love to you all C Xxx

  5. So sorry to hear this Tom, but knowing your families positivity through all this I am sure you will make a million perfect memories x

  6. Tom – As always, Peter and I have been thinking about you and waiting for news of the latest tests. It’s not what you wanted to hear but we know that you are supported by an amazing family and medical team. You really are an inspiration to us all and if anyone can do the Marathon next year, you can. Hope to see you over Christmas. Caroline and Peter xx

  7. You and your wonderful family have dealt so positively with everything that has been thrown at you. You will all carry on and enjoy great times together.

  8. Really hoping your idea of making memories will include a visit to see us in Seattle?! You, Catherine and boys are always welcome. Love your constant courage and strength. You are an inspiration Tom. Keep smiling that infectious smile.

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