Happy New Year!!!

Another crazy, fun packed year all round! Honestly speaking, to be sat here now writing this post and feeling as I do I truly feel so privileged to be alive!

It was just over 9 years ago that I was diagnosed with Bowel Cancer. 9 surgeries, 20 months of chemo and 2 months of radiotherapy later, here I am feeling as strong and good as ever…..all thanks to my truly incredible medical team, my wonderful family and friends! Saying thank you feels so inadequate, given what they have all done for me, however I’ll say it anyway, THANK YOU, I LITERALLY OWE YOU MY LIFE!

In the end the radiotherapy that I had hoped I would be able to have (as I wrote in my last post back in Sept unfortunately wasn’t possible. After a lot of back and forth between Alice and I, she felt that given how close the cancer is now to my heart it was just too risky. Initially I was very disappointed, however on reflect actually I think it’s probably the right call.

I will have another CT scan on the 11th Jan and then see Alice later in the month for the results. My blood CEA markers are coming up and so I’m guessing that it is likely chemo will start fairly soon after, depending on how things have progressed…but let’s see, who knows.

I continue to feel really good and able to run and cycle ever day on the treadmill / Peloton so I really cannot complain at all. We all had a wonderful Xmas and are already knee deep in travel websites with our sights set on what the summer may hold!…cannot wait:-)

A very happy new year to you all….bring on my tenth year since being diagnosed and what I hope will be a terrific 2023 for everyone!!!!

9 Replies to “Happy New Year!!!”

  1. Happy and healthy New Year 2023 your wonderful positive attitude will get you through whatever life throws at you. I admire you tremendously
    X X X

  2. Happy new year Tom to you and your family. You are an amazing young man keep up the fight my thoughts are with you. Maralyn xx

  3. Happy new year Tom ! I continue to be inspired by your courage and attitude. I truly hope hope 2023 is a good one for you and your family.

  4. Tom,

    Fingers, toes and etc. All crossed at this end.

    You’re an inspiration mate!

    Am our thoughts and prayers go with you.

    Love and peace mate xxx

  5. Happy New Year to you, CAT and the boys.
    Just keep fighting with every last breath
    You are an inspiration to us all
    Best Regards
    David & Sally O’Rourke

  6. You really are an incredible guy Tom, I have some much admiration. I’d say keep fighting, but I don’t think you know how to do anything else. Regards James.

  7. Full of admiration for you Tom and what a great family you have behind you. Just missed your birthday by a whisker but thought I would go online to see if you had more news. You continue to be in our thoughts and prayers.

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