Made it out the other side….just!

Well this one is taking a bit more puff to get through in the end….the fact that it was all on the brain has had a much bigger impact than I had thought.

Unlike the other surgeries to various other parts of my body, where to be honest I had been feeling strong enough to take it, if I’m honest this time round I definitely wasn’t. That, combined with the fact that in the end the cancer had grown by another 25% to around 6 cm x 5 cm cm on the left side, made it a tough one which lasted around 6 hours.

All that said, the bottom line is that I had a truly amazing medical team and a surgeon who was incredible!….without which I truly believe I wouldn’t be here today as everything happened so quickly.

This will be a slower recovery process I feel, and unlike the others I may have to mentally push it a bit…but don’t worry I will! The amount of weight I have put on from the steroids is staggering (must be at least 3-4 stone), but that’s not a problem I hope with the peloton and treadmill standing by👍

Thank you everyone for your incredible support and best wishes! I spoke with Alice yesterday and it’s a case of recovery now for 4/5 weeks and then into brain radiotherapy😜

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  1. What an amazing, positive man you are! I so admire your resilience and determination. Hang in there, slowly slowly get better. Thinking of you xx

  2. Hey Tom, you are an inspiration, a fighter of the toughest kind. Speedy recovery Mate. Big love to Catherine and the Boyz. See you on the golf course hey.. Love Da Stallwood’s ❤️

  3. Thinking of you Tom and sending all out love and strength to you. What an inspiration you are. Keep being strong . Love to all the family xx

  4. Resilience and determination personified! You are a brave and courageous man, Tom and I remain in awe of how you persevere every single day. You are a massive inspiration to everyone who has any kind of struggle in life. Wishing you a very speedy recovery and hope to see you soon. Dave

  5. You father has told me about your illness, you are a remarkable young man, a true inspiration. Hopefully we may be able to meet you one day. Good luck for the future and a speedy recovery

  6. Keep on bashing that pesky C we are celebrating with you x You would not be normal if some of this was not tough even though we know you are superman!

  7. Continuing to think about you and the family and pray for you Tom on this tough journey. You are an real inspiration to us all. Lots of love, John, Lis and family xxx

  8. Only just seen this Tom, though I heard from your Mum that you’d come through surgery safely. As always, we are thinking of you and the family and know that, however tough the recovery is, you will get there without a doubt.
    Love from all of us! xxx

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