A Couple of ‘downs’ / Radiotherapy started

A couple ‘downs’ since the main surgery back in early April….unfortunately I had a seizure when I stood up a bit quickly at home when back from hospital…have to admit it was a fairly scary moment where I was ‘out’ for a while waiting for the ambulance team. I went back into A&E Reading so they could check me out for the night.

I then came out and back home to recover again. A few days later on the 21st April I spent the afternoon back at Oxford hospital having a CT, MRI, stitches out and finally a mask for the radiotherapy. Anyway, when I got back home I stupidly got out of the car too quickly and then passed out again and fell on the driveway gravel…it knocked me out and opened up the wound which meant another ambulance trip back to A&E Reading. I spent the night there (trying to get some sleep next to a poor girl who had turrets syndrome 😜), and then was taken to Oxford.

I was stitched up again after they checked the wound (which apparently had a little fluid damage) on the Saturday and kept in for a few days.

Finally I got home late last week and was told that radiotherapy would start this week (Wednesday). It goes on for 5 working days…so today was ‘day 3’….despite having had radiotherapy a few years ago, I’ve never had to wear a Hannibal lecture mask🤣.

So once again it is all dragging out the recovery. However that said, I do really feel like I am ‘getting there’ and by the end of the month I should be more ‘back to normal’. As usual everyone I am being exposed to in hospital is incredibly kind and helpful.

Catherine and the boys have been quite amazing and so supportive during this really tough period…could never have got through it without them!

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  1. What a brave man you are, so many ups and downs. I admire your resilience and your pragmatic approach to all of this but it must be difficult at times. Sending you so many positive vibes, hang in there xx

  2. Ooh, the radiation mask afterwards makes for a great light shade!! Well, I think so, my partner not so much!

    I hope you don’t have too many side effects from the RT

  3. Tom your optimism continues to inspire me. Truly one of a kind ! . Good luck for the rest of your treatment .🤞🏻xxx

  4. You are amazing Tom, we all love you and reading your updates. Hope to see you soon at the cricket club. There’s a beer and burger waiting for you with your name on it! X

  5. What a tough time Tom…… but I absolutely love your positivity, what an amazing man you are! Hopefully catch up in the summer for a few drinks 🌞🍷xx

  6. Your positive outlook continues to astound me Tom and I’m sure you know now to pace yourself. Good luck with your treatment

  7. Hi Tom, Andy here ( don’t use FB but Val has shown me your update )
    Such a brave chap my friend and an inspiration to others facing health challenges and in particular cancer. I’m here if you need anything Tom just give me a shout, meanwhile I hope we will catch up at West Berks together soon. All our love Andy and Val.

  8. Tom – a small setback but nothing you can’t cope with. Good luck with the RT and hope it does its stuff! Sending love from us all. xx
    PS. Don’t stand up too quickly again !

  9. Hiya Mate,

    Stay strong brother, you’re an inspiration to all of us and I know how tough it is for you and the family!

    I know there’s nothing much we can do, but we’re always here for you and the family if you need us simply ask mate!

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