Chemo has stopped working

Unfortunately the appointment with Alice today didn’t go quite as I’d hoped. Last week I had a CT scan following some recent fluctuations in my bloods. The upshot is that the chemo has now stopped working and the cancer is fighting back and grown a bit (albeit still slowly and also in the same area). The good news is that it isn’t showing up anywhere else at the moment.

After Catherine and I talked it through, she has explained that the best course of action right now is for me to take a break to not only try and get my body back to a ‘pre chemo’ state, but also for us to enjoy the summer off all treatment.

I will continue to have my bloods checked every few weeks and if there is a significant change then I will have another scan. Alice has talked about the the most likely course of action at that point will be to get me back on a different chemo regime in the hope that this has the effect of stabilising things once again. It will be Folfox chemo (the same as I had back in 2014). After this the final ‘attack plan’ will be to pin my hopes on potentially getting on a clinical trial at the Marsden in London. Right now there isn’t anything which would suit me, however with developments in cancer research improving all the time I remain hopeful🤞.

In some way it will be great to have some relief and recovery time from the 27 chemo cycles I have had over the last year and a bit, however at the same time it does feel odd moving to a position where I am now ‘not doing anything’ to fight it. Alice has quite rightly explained that to continue now with chemo would really serve no purpose other than to make me feel rougher and impact quality of life.

So for now it is a case of cracking on with the family memory making and continuing to try and keep as fit as I can with my daily running / cycling. I continue to be sure that staying active is helping me physically and I know for a fact that it is mentally.

I had a lovely call with the chemo nurses today to thank them for everything they have done for me over the past 13 months….I’ve even managed to convince 2 of them to run a half marathon in the spring next year!😀…I’ll be the first to donate to their charity page for sure👍

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  1. Tom !! You constantly amaze me . A positive spin on all things uncertain, truly inspirational . I hope the sun shines all summer, for you and your lovely family .

  2. Tom, you continue to be an absolute legend in your approach to life. Enjoy the summer, plan a holiday & we will look forward to having a good catch up very soon! Huge love to you all. Xxx

  3. Big hugs Tom. Hope we get to give you one in person in the not too distant. Feel free to bring the family down for a visit anytime you fancy a bit of sea air .. we have plenty of space! Love always x Mark & Juliette x

  4. Oh dear Tom, so sad to read your latest post. Stay positive, have a rest and start again after the summer. You are one brave man, you have my utmost admiration. Bon courage 😍

  5. Thinking of you Tom. Enjoy your time with family, hope it’s a beautiful English summer with long balmy evenings xx

  6. Have a lovely summer filled with lots of memories for the family! Stay positive -sending lots of love to you and Catherine. Gilly xx

  7. Sending love to you Tom, Catherine and the boys.
    Keeping everything crossed for a suitable clinical trial
    to come your way.
    Never easy staying positive but if anyone can it’s you Tom.
    A very big hug.
    Caz xx

  8. Tom – you amaze me! Keep on running and staying as positive as you are! Love, Caroline and family!

  9. Fuck, sorry to hear the latest rounds of chemo have stopped working. Regrouping with the general health looks to be a good idea; I hope the summer will be an enjoyable one (diagnosis not withstanding of course!)

  10. The holiday looked stunning Tom and so glad you got to go there. Hoping this summer the break from chemo, whilst not the plan, will give you some quality recovery time from that and then hopefully the new regime end of summer is effective.
    Take care

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