8th July 2014: more surgery needed

Unfortunately my worse fears were realised yesterday as I had it confirmed that the cancer has indeed spread to my liver. It is important to say though that this is what is referred to as a ‘secondary cancer’ and therefore not as serious as being a ‘primary cancer’. In a nutshell this means that they can at least perform surgery to cut it out thank god….the prognosis is good.

Merv, my new surgeon is now ‘my man on the case’!. He will carry out the procedure next Wednesday. Similar to last time, this will involve another stay in hospital (probably around 1 week), followed by another 4 weeks recovery before chemo starts (for the originally planned 6 month period).

Having now had the chance to take in the news, whilst of course I am totally gutted that I will have to go through another surgery, at least it will hopefully mean that this will be the end of it and I can kiss this thing goodbye!…again!…forever!.

Feels strange that I have set this website up to try and promote running as a way to help get through cancer treatment and I’m not even running at the moment!. The desire is there for sure, but sadly while I have this problem from the main wound following the bowel surgery, I know I would be really stupid to. Instead I will keep the focus on the day when hopefully soon I will be able to ‘don those trainers’ once again….new goal being 13th August (I don’t know why this date but at least it’s a target 4 weeks post surgery!)

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  1. Tom you have been and remain an inspiration for so many. I saw you three weeks post op when you were already back at work and looking forward to the Boston Marathon..you will run again soon but I agree a little patience now will help your body to recover..best of luck

  2. Tom,
    You and your website are an inspiration. You can honestly say you have had a shit day hearing your news, whilst the rest of us consider a shit day to be when the washing Machiene breaks down or when the ironing pile is as high as Everest! It puts everything into context and without getting slushy, makes me grateful for the simple things everyday. Wishing you a speedy recovery after your surgery and hope to hear those trainers are still hanging up for a good few weeks yet!! All the best Tom, Wendy

  3. Tom, gutted to hear your news it must really have knocked you all for 6! But like you say with amazing positivity they can cut it out and you will get through this!! You will have your running shoes back on in no time at all and I agree they are a great medicine.
    Hope to have you running with us for the great south 25th anniversary at the end of Oct??

    Love to you all

  4. Thank you Tom for keeping us all updated. You and your family are often in our thoughts. We wish you a speedy recovery from this latest battle you must face. Love Steve Karen and Melanie

  5. Hi Tom,

    Hope all goes well next Wednesday and the recovery is swift. The Rees family will be thinking of you.
    Those trainers will be getting good use before too long.

  6. Thinking about you. This is just another marathon – and you’re good at those, so nothing to worry about. Maybe I’ll do that Maclehose with you when you’re ready, after all? If you can sort this, I guess I can sort out my knees – how about we aim for 2015?!?!

  7. Your strength and passion is immeasurable Tom. I hope the treatment goes smoothly and swiftly and you can then continue to get on and enjoy the things you love to do for yourself, and with your beautiful family xx

  8. Dear Tom,
    When you hear the news that a friend is recovering from Cancer it is hard to think you have heard the words properly, especially in someone so young and fit! But reading your page and seeing the strength in your words and your motivation to remain positive and beat this thing, should be an inspiration to us all. Knowing your lovely wife and the strength and support you get from your family, I know you are in good hands. We’re putting our faith in your surgeon and your positivity, looking forward to those running shoes going back on, but rest up in the mean time, just one step at a time. Much love, the Norwoods xx

  9. As always, we are following your progress (and I mean progress), full of admiration and with you constantly in our thoughts. We can’t wait to hear that liver surgery has been successful and that you’re on the home straight! Much love, Caroline and family xx

  10. Tom
    So sorry to hear your news,keep strong we think about you and the family daily.
    Love maryann & Eddy

  11. I have just spent 10 minutes thinking how to write about hearing your news. Everything I think of seems inadequate, but you are an inspiration Tom to all who suffer with the worry and stress this disease brings. To maintain such a positive attitude is fantastic and the best medicine to beat this. You will beat this cancer. As you know cancer is it’s own race, pace yourself and the miles will tick along and you’ll be the winner. Keep strong, battle on, push through “the wall” and the finish line will be waiting with all the celebrations as you cross it.

    Ginny and Jeremy xx

  12. Great web site Tom. Sorry to hear about the second op, sounds like your man will have it sorted in no time. Hope you have a speedy recovery. We’re all thinking of you.

    The Burgins.

  13. Hi Tom, I wanted to leave a message because you and the family have been in my thoughts a lot recently. Sally has been keeping us updated. I am so sorry to hear that you must have another operation but am in no doubt that your positive mental attitude will see you through this difficult time. You run marathons but you don’t just run them, you run them well and quickly!!! I am new to long distance running but am newly addicted and have huge respect for those who do it so well 😉 I am learning it takes a great deal of mental strength and meditation, focus and drive to run like you do and I know that will only help you through the treatment. People think “oh I can’t run, I’m not sporty” but they don’t realise that 99% of it is in the mind. You are an inspiration and your mental strength will help to battle this. I love this website and the sentiment behind it. I have recently grown close to another who has, to a significant degree been saved by running. It is incredible what the human body can do and endure when the mind is focused on it. Keep the focus.
    Yesterday I ran the furthest I have ever run, a very modest 12k but it was AWESOME! I loved every minute of it and can imagine how you are itching to get back in your trainers and get out on the road. 13th August 2014 sounds like the perfect day for that! I would be honored to head out on a run with you if you have any spare time when you are back up and running again. – Even if I am 5 or 10 minutes behind! I have marked the 13th August in my diary as a day I will run. Thinking positive thoughts for next week and beyond, as is everyone in the Lee household. xxx

  14. Hi Tom,

    I have just seen this blog when I opened up FB this morning and saw Vic and Tom’s ‘share’. I used to live with Vic in Binfield back in olden times and so I feel like I kind of know you 🙂
    I’m full of admiration for your positive outlook and your focus on the end goal. If it is ok with you I’d like to share your blog with my FB running group, Virtual Badgers (because we have to badger each other out of the door), as I know they will draw inspiration from your story and get at least one or two of us up off the sofa when we perhaps might not otherwise have done 🙂
    I wish you the very best of British for next Wednesday and your ongoing recovery and I will be holding you in my thoughts for a speedy return to pulling on those trainers.

  15. Hi Tom,
    Not sure if you remember me, then Nik Maynard. In 1989 we camped in a really terrible campsite, with the cole family. It rained the whole weekend, we all got horrible sea sickness when we went mackerel fishing, the usual British summer holiday!
    Anyway Liz sent me an email and told me you are having liver surgery. She may have told you that 5 years ago I was diagnosed with Bowel cancer, I had 3 mths chemo then surgery, then similar to you they saw some possible bits on my liver, so just after surgery, when planning to start the last 3 mths of chemo I also had a little detour in the plan and had a partial hepatectomy in Bristol. I imagine you are busy at the moment but if you want to chat, insider tips etc then please call me. Liz has my number. My main top tip was that I felt good pre and immediate after surgery, but 2d later in was the low point. No one warned me before, but after my friend who is an ITU consultant I that same unit said it is the same for everyone. All the adrenalin has gone, your body is exhausted, sleep deprived and you’ve not eaten. I think it would have helped me to know, and realise it will get better.
    That was all 4 years ago, and this year I too have started running, – still hate it and keep waiting to become addicted!
    Wishing you all the best, and call or email me anytime , Nick x

  16. Hi Tom,

    Just wanted to drop you a line to re-iterate my support, best wishes and offer anything that I can do to help? I hope all goes well tomorrow and that this is the final time that you have to experience a general anaesthetic. Another important point is that Oncologists don’t deceive their patients with platitudes. If they consider the prognosis good then it is and it’s based upon a huge data-base and experience. Looking forward to catching up with you soon when you are fully recovered.

    Best Wishes,


  17. Hi Tom

    I`m sure that tomorrow `s op .will sort it all out and you will be back doing what you obviously love doing running very soon,,as Nick does …she was positively glowing after her run,when we last saw her .!

    lots of love
    all the Coles

  18. Thinking of you today Tom and we are all rooting for you and know that in no time at all you will have your trainers on and pounding the Tarmac. Very best wishes and love Joan Deb and Ali

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