19th July 2014: out the other side again!

Déjà vu!. Once again I lie here in another hospital bed recovering from another surgery…already it feels like a long time ago, but it was only 72hrs since the surgeon was prepping to go in and take my latest cancer instalment out.

There are a few things that feel physically different this time round…the first being how much more tired I am. I wondered whether this is partly done to the fact that I have had 2 surgeries in 2 months, but perhaps more that this time my body has been left to regenerate an organ. I guess I will never really know.

My frame of mind on the whole prognosis is still good, and provided there are no more shockers from Alice in the coming weeks / months, then I genuinely feel that this disease is well and truly behind me. Maybe it’s just that this is my third stay in hospital in as many months or the fact that this one has ‘hit me more’ physically, but I must admit feeling a little low / lethargic today. The liver nurse has just been into see me this morning and said that once all the tubes and wires are out I will feel like a new man….I am holding her to that!. The plan is to do this today.

Getting through the next few days building up my strength I feel in my head will be a key milestone.

Still on course for 13th August..in my head at least!

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  1. Great news Tom. I am not surprised that you are feeling a little lethargic today. Your body must be in a state of shock. Though who am I to give you advice, :take it easy you will need time to recover. It is great to have goals but also great to appreciate what you have achieved. Well done!

  2. I have no doubt you feel like shite after all that, but remember the mantra of the runner – pain is temporary….

  3. Tom
    We do hope you are now feeling slightly better? As you say you can now put this behind you and hope you will be home soon.
    Maryann & Eddy

  4. Thinking of you Tom. Stay positive, and good luck with the steps to a full recovery. When you are back running your next UK marathon I will be in the crowds cheering you on.
    Love and best wishes, Sharon

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