3rd July 2014: cancer back?

Not a post I was hoping or expecting to write so soon after the bowel surgery only 6 weeks ago. Anyway I have just had another major set back as I learnt yesterday, following an appointment with Alice (my oncologist), that the cancer is potentially back in my liver. I really felt I had been through all ‘the shocks’ of this cancer journey so far, and so admittedly was completely ‘floored’ by this news.

Next steps are to get an urgent appointment with the liver cancer surgeon Alice has recommended, based down in Basingstoke. As I understand this chap is world class and so once again I am in good hands which is of course really encouraging to know. 24hrs on it has now properly sunk in and I am trying to stay positive in spite of everything. Being able to start exercising and at least feeling like I am actually ‘doing something’ will really help me now I think. With the wound from the surgery slowly getting better I hope that I can maybe consider a short run next week…I really hope so.

It now looks likely that there will now not only be the chemo (which was always part of the plan) but also more surgery….I guess I have done it before so no reason I can’t again.


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  1. You are on an incredible journey Tom. One that we as outsiders can never share but can only marvel at your positivity and courage. There is a saying that what does not beat you makes you stronger. You are going to be an amazingly strong person when you come out of this.

  2. Hi Tom I have been friends with your parents for a very long time and have always kept up with how you and your family are going. I cannot tell you how I feel for you but know that I do. You have the best and right attitude to fight this keep it up and try to keep as well as you can. Robin and I found going to sit by the water somewhere was a great healer so maybe if you can try that, until of course you are back running again which I know you will. Take good care of yourself and know that my love and prayers are with you. Maralyn xx

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