3rd Dec 2014: Scan all clear!

So the day I had been focusing on for the past few weeks has finally come….and I am pleased to report that everything is looking good with ‘no cancer cells’ picked up in the CT scan I had last week…phew!!.

To say this is a relief would be an understatement for sure, as I have to be honest and say that for the last few days it has been preoccupying my mind a fair amount.

Alice simply said that everything was looking great and I just need to ‘keep on doing what I am doing’. I took her through all my latest set of side effects, with the main one still being the pins and needles pain in my hands and feet. She is happy to go with at least 1 more cycle (next Wednesday will be number 8) with the same ‘normal’ dose, and then look to potentially bring down the oxiliplatin drug from cycle 9 or 10 onwards…ultimately she wants to avoid any long term nerve damage which unfortunately can come with this drug. She did go on to say that the fact I am keeping active will almost certainly help in this respect – i.e. by boosting the blood circulation on a regular basis.

So for now, everything is good and I think other than cutting back a bit on my running mileage, which I intend to do (given the increased tiredness I am starting to feel immediately ‘post treatment’), then it’s ‘carry on as normal’…..

Next scan will now not be until the chemo is over in February……

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  1. That is really good news Tom. We hope and pray that you will continue to strengthen during this 2nd phase and until and after the treatment is concluded. Lots of love from us all in and around Twickenham – Lis, John, Ben & Nan, Alice & Eleanor and Luke In Hammersmith. Paul Rachel Lily and little Abigail would also join us in sending their good wishes if they were here.

  2. Awesome news mate. Really thrilled that things are going so well. We hope we get to see you when we’re back in a couple of weeks? Love and hugs

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