20th Dec 2014: Meeting the ‘Beating Bowel Cancer’ team

Had a great day yesterday meeting up with the fabulous team at beating bowel cancer!. Finally I managed to get myself over to Teddington where they are based to put ‘names to faces’.

We had a great catch up where I updated them on the charity raising progress which they were really a pleased about. With more initiatives to follow in 2015 I am confident that a target of closer to £20,000 may now be possible. They gave me some really useful literature and collateral which I will be able to use on various fund raising evenings coming up, one of which is a charity auction in early 2015.

Also I have signed myself up for the BUPA London 10k in May which they are affiliated with and which I couldn’t resist!….the best part about it is that I now have a pair of ‘beating bowel cancer running bum shorts’ which I will definitely wear in the day!….check these little beauties out! (I know they look a little like boobs but I am assured they are definitely butt cheeks!).


They may even get a ‘look in’ for the Berlin and London marathon as well:-). The link to the event is here for anyone interested in taking part http://www.beatingbowelcancer.org/bupa-london-10000 ….the more the merrier. I am going to try and rope my wife, Catherine into it as well….although she doesn’t know that yet!.

They also have a number of places for ‘Ride London’ on the 2nd August. I have attached the link for anyone reading this who is keen to do. It looks like a great event finishing off on The Mall (where the marathon also ends). Let me know and I can put you in touch with the team.


In terms of my treatment things remain good. Cycle number 9 is coming up on Christmas Eve, this Wednesday. I will meet with Alice on Monday to discuss the oxaliplatin and whether now is the right time to bring down the dose. I am getting a bit more tired now (on some of the ‘post treatment days’) and the pins and needle pain are now kicking in more in my feet (and face when I run). I will be sure to mention this as I really would prefer to avoid any long term nerve damage there if I can.

With 2014 nearly done and only 4 more chemo cycles to go, I can almost taste the end now….bring it on!.

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