10th Jan 2015: nearly there!

A very happy new year everyone!!

With only 2 more chemo cycles to go, the end is getting close now. I was disconnected from the chemo pump yesterday following cycle 10 on Wednesday this week. It was the first time that the oxiliplatin was not included in the cocktail of drugs that are normally administered. It made a huge difference to the side effects this time with almost no pins and needles felt. That said, I now have some numbness in my thumbs and toes which I guess maybe a permanent feature….let’s see as it’s always possible that the nerves will find a way of coming back to life in time:-).

Running has been good with 90k ‘banked’ between cycle 9 (which was on Xmas eve) and cycle 10. Another little mini challenge I have set myself is to see whether I can complete 100 runs and 1,000k for the 6 month period where I will have been on this 2nd stage chemo regime….so far this stands at 84 runs and 812k and so I figure that with only 4 weeks left another 16 runs and 188k should be definitely possible.

Next session with Alice is this coming Wednesday. We will make a decision together on whether for the final 2 cycles (on the 21st Jan and 4th Feb) we re-introduce the oxiliplatin or not.

Later this month I am really looking forward to attending a parliamentary reception at the Houses of Parliament, hosted by John Baron MP. I’m not sure exactly what the format of the day will be…however it has been describe to me by the beating bowel cancer team as being an opportunity for politicians to meet charity representatives, patients and clinicians to find out about the issues of concern relevant to bowel cancer patients.

I am convinced 2015 is going to be a great year….onwards and upwards as they say!!

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