22nd July 2014: coming home!

So I have received some good news this morning….Merv is happy enough with my progress to ‘release me back into the wild’ tomorrow morning. Whilst it has been very comfortable here nothing beats your own bed!.

Other than the obvious physical barriers that I have faced along the way, it has been the mental side which has ‘tested’ me the most I think this time round. I have had many opportunities to speak with those people who treat cancer patients like me…the work they do still astounds me and has been a source of immense inspiration.

Whether they have been the surgeons, the doctors, the nurses, the porters, the cleaners….literally everyone one of them in their own way has helped get me through all this. I have been incredibly fortunate to have had the best team possible. It is not just the ‘obvious medical care’ but the conversations of support constantly. Isaac, one the nurses here just yesterday made, what to most would be such a small comment about taking life for granted…the fact you never even think twice about putting on your underwear every day, suddenly now becomes such ‘a privilege’…ridiculous I know but so true. He also said that in his job he very much ‘takes the lead’ from the patients he cares for…somehow this has made me want to try and help him..so he can help me!.

I full intend to ‘grab life by the balls’ once this nightmare is over. If this episode in my life has taught me anything, it’s that going out there and doing what makes you happy is really important (I know this is a real cliche and often people in this kind of situation say this, however I can honestly say that once you are ‘in it’ you really feel it). It doesn’t mean you have to step on people to get it, in fact quite the contrary….try and take the ones you love along with you for the ride as well!…Jack and Ollie, look out, we’ve got some serious ‘boy adventures’ coming up in the next few years!.

2 Replies to “22nd July 2014: coming home!”

  1. Hear you are home in your own bed now Tom!
    Great news ,and such positive unselfish aims for Isaac …..
    You certainly will have great fun with Jack and Ollie ,very soon !
    Lots of love
    The Coles

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