Memory making😄

So here we are… holiday time!

As I sit here in our amazing hotel resort and think back 8.5 years when I was given that “you’ve got cancer” message, I feel so incredibly lucky that not only am I still alive and kicking, but that I am able to be part of these incredible family memories. We are all having such a great time in the Maldives, this place is incredible!……plus I get the added bonus of an extra week off the chemo…woohoo!

Whilst the most recent blood results have been a bit up and down recently (CEA score wise) I am still fairly confident that the chemo is working🤞With nearly 25 cycles in the bag I’m definitely more than up for more if it means more memories like these. CT scan in a month to see what’s going on…I’m sure it’ll be fine as I still feel great.

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  1. Keep at it young man. You’re a real inspiration to those who are on this journey to health and happiness. KRO

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