Home at last!

Thrilled to report that after nearly 3 weeks, I managed to get myself home with the family yesterday!. After numerous scans / tests the CRP markers and temperature checks dropped to a level where they felt comfortable to let me leave. Whilst I am still on a number of drugs to keep things in check, the main thing is that I can do it all from the comfort of home:-).

The team at Royal Brompton were simply incredible and so unbelievably supportive – I cannot thank them enough!. The after-surgery care was second to none. Once again, I feel so privileged to live in this country, with the NHS there to save my life….literally. So often you hear bad press surrounding the NHS….frankly I just don’t get it – every single person who I have been exposed to in the NHS is clearly there for all the right reasons and gives nothing but the best care they can because they want to. Amazing institution, amazing people!!

I am generally feeling really good. Getting used to breathing with only one lung is taking a bit of getting used to, however each day it feels better and better. I had a fantastic nights sleep last night in my own bed (12 hours! – cant remember the last time that happened). This afternoon I couldn’t resist trying a small run….well I say run it was more of a plod, stop, plod, stop, plod, stop etc. Despite struggling with the breathing it really was so great to be outside taking in the fresh air and stretching the lung….the weather was perfect and it was yet another reminder of why its so great to be alive.

Being able to work from home during the day has been great and really helped to bring a bit of normality back. Focus now is getting as fit as I can and then properly returning back to the office and running again properly!.

Thankyou all so much for your continued support and kind words…..never unnoticed by Catherine and me.

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  1. Choked. You truly are an inspiration and the power of strength between you both is amazing. Well done getting out there xxx

  2. Wonderful news to hear you are home at last Tom. Lovely to be with the family again. Keep on improving, take care xxx

  3. Back home where you belong (I mean it’s not Devon but you know what I mean ) continue with your awesomeness you inspirational man. Xxx

  4. Wonderful news Tom. Looking forward to seeing you when you’re next in Devon. Love, Caroline and Peter xx

  5. Great post! Having been through the big C as well a while ago, you continue to inspire me with your positivity and can do attitude- you are an amazing team , good luck with the running, just working to a 5K myself , so will look forward to your progress running reports! Helen

  6. Hi Tom. Blimey, I was just catching up on your news from the last time I saw you in Richmond! So pleased to hear your progress – you are clearly an amazing man. Look forward to seeing you again some time! Best wishes to you and all the family.


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