Halfway there!

Halfway there!….so that’s me onto chemo cycle number 6, with a further 6 to go (I had originally thought it would be 13 cycles but turns out its 12…bonus!)…so far so good.

Following the last appointment with Alice (on Wednesday), she continues to be happy with the progress to date. I think the plan will be to bring down the dose of oxaliplatin from cycle 8 onwards. This is due to the fact that the pins and needles pain in my hands and feet is ‘kicking in’ a bit more now and lasting longer in-between cycles….probably not helped by the colder weather. Whilst all the other side effects are still there, the good news is that through a combination of the extra drugs (for sickness) they have given me, coupled with just adapting the way I am living ‘day to day’ (gloves, warm water etc), all adds up to there being no major problem right now.

Running since the last cycle has been good…105km clocked up in the past 12 days. I am now ‘double sock and gloving’ to keep the cold away:-) which works well once I get 2 or 3 miles into each run. I also treated myself to a pair of slipper socks to lounge round the house in:-).

Last weekend I met up with one of the contacts I have made through my website at a local half marathon. It was fantastic to see how well he has coped with his own cancer treatment and now that he is clear is able to get back to running half marathons!…something very much for me to aim for come February when I am done with the chemo….I have started to look at some of the HM races in March / April when hopefully I will have some of my strength back again.

The next key date for me is the 25th Nov when I will have a CT scan. This will then be followed a week later with my next oncologist appointment for the results. Let’s hope all this chemo is helping keep those cancer cells at bay:-)!

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