Gearing up for London

With only 5 weeks to go and being mindful that I haven’t posted for a while, I thought I would drop all those following me a quick update on runthroughcancer!.

From a health point of view all is good!!. I had a recent blood test and met up with Alice for the usual follow up….she told me that everything was great. “Keep doing what your doing Tom” was the message loud and clear. I will see her again in June / July after the next CT / MRI

Training has been going well and with the London marathon just round the corner it is dawning on me that my final challenge is nearly upon me:-). I did the Wokingham half marathon a couple of weeks back and the Surrey half marathon today as part of the training plan…both went well with a time of around 1hr 31mins in each. The last race prior to London is the Cardiff world half marathon in 2 weeks which I am really looking forward to…should be fun as I try (and fail) to chase Mo Farrah down:-).

I have found myself recently looking back on the cancer journey I have been on over the last 2.5 years and I am reminded of how lucky I am to be here, particularly feeling as I do. When I was in the middle of treatment I recall constantly ‘thinking and living’ cancer. Now that I am over a year ‘post’ treatment it feels good in so many ways to get back to feeling ‘normal’ not only physically but mentally as well. There are so many who have got me through this. Whilst having your own focus and determination is a critical factor in getting through cancer, it cannot be done without the support of others. Without my medical team, friends and family it just simply wouldn’t have been possible to get through it.

The Beating Bowel Cancer team, who I am running London on behalf of are such a wonderful group of individuals who I owe such a great deal to. Their support was invaluable to me and I am committed in raising as much as I can for them so they can help others in the same way they helped me.

Thank You all to those who have already donated!. However if you haven’t done so and would still like to (go on, you won’t regret it!!!:-), you can by click on:

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  1. Hi tom, just read your story,I I thuught I was the only one out there with your symptons,i’ve had bowel cancer been a runner for many years with over 30 marathons and several ultras ,like you say you can’t take it in when your tol that word cancer had a oporation July 2015one week after running north devon marothan ,but unlike you I didn’t need a bag so lucky ,then 6 months of chemo then 5 weeks of radio therapies like you managed to keep on running throughout all be it at half my normal pace ,lm sure my running has got me thTongh all of the treatmen. Thank you and good luck john

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