First lung op out the way!

With a week now gone since the lung surgery I thought I would post a quick update.

So with some anticipation there I was back on ‘the slab’:-) last Thursday. Catherine drove me in early for what ended up being a really successful day. To cut a long story short, the surgery went well and they managed to take it out using keyhole as planned (there was an outside chance they may have had to open me up however this proved not to be necessary….phew!). I was told that it maybe a 3-5 day stay, however fortunately they ‘let me loose’ the day after. It was great to get back into my own bed on the Friday night. Recovery has been going well with the painkillers doing their job nicely!. I was back in work on Tuesday which was great to be able to do as well.

No running yet, however I am hopeful and confident that next week I can get the trainers back on.

I have to admit that I had expected to feel very out of breath from the surgery, however so far it is feeling good…lets see what happens when I start running again!.

Surgery number 2, first week in September…bring it on!.

7 Replies to “First lung op out the way!”

  1. Impressed you’re back at work! I recently had pneumonia and took 3 weeks to shake that off! Hope running goes well for you.

  2. Great positive news, Tom. You sound really upbeat, with good reason. The Rhodes family continue to follow your progress and to send all our best wishes and love.

  3. Glad it went well Tom and sounds like you are making a speedy recovery, which is undoubtedly due to your fitness. This will put you in good shape for OP2. Take it easy! 🙂 Mike

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