21st May 2014: The day before surgery

I have a real mixture of feelings today being the day before surgery. On the one hand I am pleased that I will be able to say this time tomorrow that the cancer is gone….at least that’s the plan. However on the other, going into the unknown, without being able to control the situation fills me with a fair amount of fear. Also the thought of dealing with the inevitable lifestyle changes afterwards are what has been keeping me awake at night recently.

It feels so strange going into hospital for an operation when I physically feel so well right now. I know that in less than 24 hours I will be feeling much worse. Of course I understand that this has to happen, but still it doesn’t change how I feel.

Managed to clock up nearly 560 miles running between finishing the first stage of treatment back in early Feb to now. I am so pleased to have been able to keep this up (injury free) – it has hugely helped focus my mind throughout.

I have been given 4 ‘pre-op’ high carb drinks to take today. I must say it does feel rather odd to be taking these prior to an operation. It would be more likely that I would be drinking something like this on a ‘race day’!….oh well, it will be interesting to see how I get on tonight as I do my last 10k run for a while….you never know, may set a PB!:)

Seeing my surgeon on Monday this week, in preparation for tomorrow, I asked him how quickly he thought I could be running again. I was pleased to hear that he was talking in ‘weeks’ and not ‘months’. I am however under no illusions that what I am going to have to go through will be very tough and that I will need to be properly recovered before ‘hitting the pavements’ again…..

Anyway, I will sign off for now and get properly cracking on this website once I come round again…….

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