Cancer returns again

Catherine and I have just received the news we had both feared may happen. Following the CT scan I had a couple of weeks ago, Alice took us through the results this morning. Unfortunately the cancer is back again. This time in a place called the mediastinum, which is a place just behind where the left lung was. There is also something which has been picked up in the scan under my left armpit which they think maybe related as well (although too early to say at the moment).

In terms of treatment its not great news as surgery and ultimately possible cure is not an option. Whlie I am still feeling ok, Alice wants to hold off doing anything for the moment. At a point in time that we both agree, the idea being that I will have some chemo to try and keep the cancer growth at bay for as long as possible. Its really difficult to give me a timeline on what I have left, so for the moment I will just keep on living life and enjoying what time I have with Catherine and the boys.

Once I have given myself a couple of days to get my head around this news, I intend to get focus back on training for the London Marathon later in April…..not promising any quick times. Far from it as it is more likely to be a ‘run, walk, run, walk’ marathon this time. Still, it will be great to hopefully feel well enough to give it a shot….bring it on 🙂

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  1. Aww Tom. We are all so rooting for you. And thinking of all your family. You know miracles do happen so please keep your faith. Lots and lots of love❤️❤️ Vicky xxx

    • We are broken to read your news Tom. Hoping with all our hearts that something can be done to make this go away again. Thinking of you and Catherine and the boys. Big love, Lucy, Ben and Joshy xx

  2. Oh dear, such sad bees again Tom but you are such a positive person so let’s hope this nasty cancer can be held at bay. Thinking of you, as always

  3. Oh Tom, Catherine & Boys, the roller coaster continues. Miracles do indeed happen and there is no one or Family more positive than you. Thinking of you all so much. Love Mark, Diana & Boys

  4. Tom I just want to send my love to you, Catherine and your wonderful boys. We are keeping you in our thought and sending lots of love

  5. Tom – You continue to amaze us with your positive attitude and willingness to share your news, good or not so good! It goes without saying that this isn’t what you were hoping to hear but we know you will tackle the next stage of your treatment with your usual courage, supported by your lovely family. Love from Caroline and Peter

  6. Tom it’s difficult to find the words mate. But I’m gutted for you all. I’m also full of admiration for the way you have fought and continue to fight on.

  7. Tom, I am so saddened to read this news but you are the epitome of optimism and hope and you are such a fighter. Incredible that you are still pushing to run the marathon. Many including me are in awe of your perseverance. Keep battling mate. Dave

  8. Tom,
    Sending love and positivity to you all.

    Hope the marathon training is going well and provides a good diversion.

    Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

    Tina and Peter

  9. Thank you for the update Tom, as always we are thinking of you all. Look forward to hearing more on your Marathon. We love you. The Watsons xx

  10. Tom, you are such a solid, tough, determined and inspirational guy. I absolutely can’t put into words a strong enough articulation of my respect for you. All the very best to you and your family. I am so sorry. Now let’s see about that dinner?

  11. Tom,

    You are such an inspiring person and there have been times in the past few years when faced with a challenge I think of you and marvel at your bravery and positive spirit, which has helped me enormously. I suspect I am not the only person that has benefitted from your inspiration – Long may it continue.


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