All done!

So that’s it!….the latest treatment over.

I am thrilled to have been able to once again ‘make the treatment fit around me’ rather than the other way round. Having been able to continue working and running throughout the past 3 weeks of radiotherapy has been great and exactly what I had hoped for.

I am told that the side effects are likely to kick in more over the next 2 weeks as my body starts to recover and repair from the effects of this stronger round of radiotherapy.

In terms of how I am feeling right now…..all really good!!. Other than a little more tired nothing more to report:-). Once again I am sure that by keeping active and running throughout has really helped.

So in terms of next steps it will be back to see Alice in the next week or so for a catch up, followed by another series of scans in a couple of months to assess whether it’s worked and the cancer is gone (apparently it can take this long for the radio treatment to ‘do its job’ so scanning any earlier it not recommended).

Let’s see what the next 2 weeks of recovery brings….I remain very confident that it will be fine.

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  1. Fantastic news that’s all done, our fingers are crossed for a good scan result. Keep it up Tom you’re an inspiration to us all. Xx

  2. It will be fine, Tom. SABR is so precise & effective, they get great results with it. Hope that calf behaves itself now and lets you get the miles back up.

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