6th Sept 2014: my version of ‘5-a-day’!

……2 miles complete with 24 to go!…..The fears I had about this final stage of chemo, being that right from the outset I would struggle with sickness etc, have fortunately not materialised. I understand that this regime of chemo is one which has a ‘cumulative build up’ effect and so whilst I am ok at the moment this may not last. That said, while I feel like I do right now I will continue to ‘live in the moment’.

I am really pleased to say that I have started to get back into a bit of a running routine and have coined my own definition of ‘5-a-day’,….rather than fruit, my version is ‘km’s’!. Whilst I think it is probably unrealistic to think that I can run too much in the actual week of the chemo treatment when there are more side effect, I see no reason why I can’t in the week after, when I am more up for it. I have managed 4, 5km runs this week and with one more planned tomorrow that will be 25km this week which will definitely make me feel that I am still doing enough to keep some level of fitness up. My oncologist is also happy with this and understands that while I can, I should.

The other positive news this week is that finally the wound from the first surgery that has been such a problem for so long, I think is getting slowly better. My practitioner nurse had been trying a number of different options, including honey and iodine dressings…none of which have had much of an impact. However what has really helped since Wednesday of this week, is something called Flaminal hydro gel which is specifically designed for wounds which are in and around areas that have been previously exposed to radio therapy…brilliant stuff which in only 4 days is definitely making a difference. Whilst I wouldn’t say it is ‘problem solved’ it’s the best it’s been. If you are reading this as someone who is in a similar situation then make sure you ask your medical team for this gel!.

6 Replies to “6th Sept 2014: my version of ‘5-a-day’!”

  1. Well done Tom keep going!

    I haven’t done any exercise for nearly two weeks! Thought I needed recovery time after the triathlon!

    Reading your post has made me feel lazy so thanks! 🙂

    Will do a bike ride tomorrow…

    A new gadget is due to arrive this week, you might be interested… Moov.cc

    Take care mate


    The Stephensons!

  2. Well done Tom! You have inspired me to get out there and start running again after a very lazy holiday! Keep going!

    Love Ali

  3. Nice miles Tom, not too shabby on the speed either. Are you sure those doctors aren’t giving you EPO as well 😉

    Keep it up mate


  4. Well done Tom. Your new dressing is seaweed-based (alginate), if my Googling serves me right, so adds to your 5 a day! Brilliant!

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