28th June 2014: back in hospital

For the past 5 nights I have been back in hospital as a result of a post surgery complication. A lot makes sense now, as the pain I was getting in the immediate days / weeks after surgery felt worse each day, when surely you would expect the opposite?. Anyway an abcess which had been building finally ‘showed itself’ on Monday and I have been here ever since (now Saturday). Once again fantastic staffing care which I really cannot fault, (even though this is NHS rather than private as before).

I also now have confirmation that chemo will start for me on the 14th July (in 2 weeks time) and will last 6 months. It will consist of a fortnightly dose where the drugs are administered over the course of a 48 hour period. In a way I am keen to get started just so that I can get a feel for how my body will cope and whether I will be able to carry on working and running. On that subject this is now officially the longest I have gone without running – 5 and half weeks!. I really miss it and can’t wait to get the gear back on. I must admit I have some apprehensions about how it will all go as I now have to cope with a stoma and everything that comes with it. All the people I speak to say that having a colostomy won’t change anything and I can run as ‘normal’, however I really want to get out there myself to truly feel it.

Whilst I am still a little sore from the events of this week I am so pleased to be leaving hospital today and going home to see the family for ‘home recovery number 2!’. Maybe a short run in the next 2 weeks before chemo may just be on the cards!..fingers crossed

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  1. Tom
    So sorry to hear you been back in hospital, god maryann feels for you having had the same painful experience second time around.
    It all seems so long ago for me and you will feel the same in a few month wondering what the last year was about? Especially when you are running another marathon.
    In the mean steady dose it

  2. Hi Tom,You have certainly been through the wringer. Glad you are once again in recovery mode. Hope and pray you get stronger ,and don’t have any more set backs. May you have enough energy to do your run before your chemo begins. Keep positive. love and strength Aruna

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