27th May 2014: heading home!

After 5 nights in hospital I’m heading home to try and get back ‘normal life’ again. The team here have been absolutely amazing….it’s not very often you can look someone in the eye and truly say “thank-you for saving my life”, however there are a huge handful of staff here where I can really say, and mean this!

I am really looking forward to being in my own home, with the family helping me put the pieces all back together again. My wife has been incredible throughout the last 6 months. She has been there to talk stuff through with, but at the same time not dwelling on the cancer and getting bogged down in it all. Using humour has been really important to both of us in dealing with the situation..having a good old belly laugh is really what we both need every now and again as it just takes the focus away. The boys (age 7 and 3) have been such a help in ‘normalising’ everything…as far as they can see there is no problem with Daddy still going to work, running, bath times, and everything else he always has. As for the rest of the family, my mum, dad and 2 sisters….they are frankly the best!…they have been there the whole way to support me through the ups and the downs and I know will continue to do so through post surgery recovery and round 2 of the chemo.

At the end of the day I am determined that the cancer treatment will fit around me, and not the other way round.

My surgeon (‘number 1 in the huge handful!’) has just come in to see me for the last time before discharge and said once again how well he felt it all went. Of course I will still feel sore for a good few days / weeks, however it will get easier and the main wound will heal eventually. His words when I asked “when can I run again?” were music to my ears….”you will know when your ready”…exactly what I wanted to hear!

Now, where did I leave those trainers…!…(only kidding)



2 Replies to “27th May 2014: heading home!”

  1. Tom we will be running (metaphorically) all the way with you on your run .
    You are an inspiration to anyone running the same course as you .
    Lots of love
    liz Cole

  2. Well done Tom and inspiring journey. We have never met. I am a friend of your Mums from our early 20s. I live in Kendal and attend a philosophy class with Jennie Duxbury. We have grandchildren of a similar age to your children and our children Sonya and Mark have both run marathons( Houston and Amsterdam) . We look forward to hearing the rest of your fantastic story. Keep up the good work. John and Barbara.

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