26th Aug 2014: chemo starts

So ‘the gun’ has gone and I am ‘off the blocks’!. As I write this post I am sat having my first dose of chemo, in the comfort of my hospital chair switching between reading runners world and my new ‘chemo diary’…they make quite a pair!.


Frustratingly the wound from the original surgery is not healed and so whilst it is certainly likely that the chemo will delay this still further, my oncologist has said we need to ‘crack on’. If I’m honest I am glad she feels like this as I really want to ‘get going’ as well. Of course what this is unfortunately likely to mean is that the chances of me running anytime soon is significantly reduced. I am simply going to have to accept the fact that it needs to be right before I get going again. I will of course still cling onto the hope that it will be possible durning this long haul of chemo and will have the ‘trainers at the ready’ should I get the ‘ok’.

Serena and I have just had a chat and agreed that ‘my chemo’ day will be the Wednesday of each fortnight (bloods and ops’s in the morning and chemo in the afternoon). They have Wifi and all the mod cons here, so I will be able to keep in touch with work and the outside world which is great.

So I am here now for the next couple of hours before they send me home, chemo pump in hand. They have given me some steroids which hopefully helps with the sickness….so far, so good!. I will then be back in again on Thursday when they take it out and then leave me alone for the next couple of weeks. That will then be 1 done, 12 to go!.

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  1. So glad it’s all started and you are one step closer to it all being over! Hallelujah!! Don’t forget to pack the crisps to keep the energy levels up, heehee!! Lots of love The Ramages xxx

  2. Happy it’s finally started!

    Are you wearing your running gear whilst having the treatment?? I know how eager you must be…

    Finally finished “24 live another day” this week, you are right Jack Bauer does make a man bag look cool 🙂

    Let me know if you need any gadgetry to keep you occupied, I am sure we could find something you haven’t tried yet.

    All the best mate, looking forward to our beer and golf in December.

    All our love (still non gay)
    The Stephensons (Seattle massive) X

  3. Tom, best of luck mate, we are thinking of you. Loving the website by the way, I think it’s great and am sure others will benefit from your courage and strength.

  4. Wishing you all the best for your treatment. Great piece for runners world. You definitely inspire me to get my running shoes on…although my legs always feel like lead….!! All the best love Lou, Paul & Henry xx

  5. Just seen your article Tom ,a brilliant read and so pleased to see you have had a comment already ,this morning. Hoping you will run through this last phase of your treatment !
    lots of love
    the Colesxx

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