24th Sept 2014: Great South Run

Back in November last year just before my diagnosis, I entered the 2014 Great South Run (taking place on the 26th October). Whilst I have been aware that the day was getting closer (in just over 4 weeks time), to be honest I had put it out of my mind assuming it to be more than likely unrealistic given the ‘post surgery’ recovery and chemo treatment.

However I am now starting to wonder whether it may just be achievable and not beyond the realms of possibility after all. Since starting the chemo almost exactly 1 month ago and with 2 cycles under my belt, I had only been managing to do 5k runs at a time. Although during this week I have felt able to increase the mileage a little and have done a couple 10k’s on top…whilst feeling fairly tired at the end, I wouldn’t say I was exhausted.

I still have 2 more bouts of chemo before race day and so I know I will need to ‘see how things go’ a bit. That said, if all goes as I hope then I think I will be ‘up for the challenge’!…I can’t deny it would feel great to be able to ‘bag a race’ mid-chemo if possible….

My next appointment with Alice is on Wednesday….I will ask her what she thinks and cross my fingers:-)

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  1. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you Tom. I’m a slow old runner and start my chemo tomorrow, Like you I hope to run through the treatment and have been told by the medical staff that it’s Ok as long as I don’t do too much. I shall be watching you with interest to see how you cope and try to emulate. Good luck

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