Out the other side once again…

So with the second lung op now just over 1 week behind me, I am thrilled to say that I am feeling great and ready to face whatever more is thrown at me…hopefully nothing more:-).

Fortunately once again it was another keyhole which has meant a speedy recovery. Other than a little tight chested I am all good. I have managed a few runs this week which has made such a difference to how I feel!. Another oncologist appointment in a couple of weeks and let’s see what happens next.

As I write this I am reminded once again that is those who have to live with someone who is going through cancer treatment that is so often forgot…I am so lucky to have Catherine, my wife ‘on my team’…she has been through the whole thing and stood by me every single step the way!. Never have the wedding vows of ‘through sickness and in health’ been so tested in our marriage…well I can say Catherine ‘has been tested’ and passed with flying colours!!. Thankyou so much Catherine, we move on ‘once again’ sweetheart! X

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  1. Tom, big thumbs up to Catherine… P.S. keep the Strava runs going, although that said it’s always disappointing to see your times are way faster than mine….Board hard…..

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