Getting ready for lung operation number 2

So it’s been a month now since the lung surgery. The wound itself it now almost completely healed and I am feeling good. Keeping the running going has always been an important part of what has got me through the treatment, as I know I have said on numerous occasions before. It has been no exception this time and despite the fact that I have had to lower the distance I am doing on each run, just ‘getting out there’ has been so important.

My lungs feel a bit tight however I am confident that if I can build it back up slowly then I will be back to where I was before sometime soon.

With just over 2 weeks until the second lung operation (14th Sept), I intend to keep banking the mileage as best as I can.

During the last few weeks I have been really pleased to be able to reach out to a few people who have been in touch with me through ‘runthroughcancer’. If there is one single piece of advise I would give it would be to ‘not let the cancer dictate your life’. Make the cancer ‘fit around you’, not the other way round. Stick to that rule and you WILL get through it!!.

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  1. Just as others have said and inspiration great father and exceptionally committed to staying fit throughout this horrible time. Love all the Ratcliffe’s

  2. Tom, wishing you a speedy recovery on your second op. You’re such an inspiration pounding those pavements through it all. I’m sure your lungs will catch up with your legs given time. All the best Tom, much love from The Burleigh Gang X X

  3. We think about you a lot, always with love and admiration, not only for how you are dealing with all this , but for all the encouragement and inspiration you give to others too.

    We, and indeed the whole family wish you all the best for a speedy recovery after op 2.


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