One month on

With the last round of treatment now behind me I have had a little time to reflect on things a bit….helped a lot by the fact that we have finally managed to get some family time away on holiday for the half term hols.

A very close friend of mine sadly passed away recently following a long and very difficult battle with cancer. My thoughts are constantly with his family as I can only imagine how difficult things must be….I am so thankful that I had the chance to get as close as I did to Alan in recent years. He was a family friend of Mum and Dad’s who up until a few years ago I had not spent a great of time with. Then…cancer brought us together….he was a man who I took so much inspiration from…..a true fighter who despite everything never ever stop smiling. Alan was someone who did things ‘old style’ and I was fortunate enough to get proper handwritten letters from (non of that email rubbish:-). I have kept every one of them and am so glad that I have them to look back on. One of them in particular I refer to when the going gets a bit tough. It was a letter he wrote to me when I had just come out of one of my surgeries. The letter was nothing but a series of jokes!…despite everything he never lost his sense of humour and for me this epitomised my dear friend. You will never ever be forgot Alan….thankyou for helping me to get through my own cancer journey with a smile!

I have managed to get a few runs in over the past few days with my calf injury finally easing up a bit (running on a hotel treadmill gym helps a lot…despite being a bit boring at least it ‘kind’ to your legs!).

I continue to feel really optimistic about the next scan coming up in a few weeks and remain convinced that the radiotherapy has ‘done the job’ and I can move on once again with my life. My lungs feel good and following a small dose of shingles which I had a couple of weeks ago (side effect from the treatment), I am as good as new!.

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  1. Tom , sorry to read about Alan, sounds like a great guy and being remembered by you and mentioned in the way you have will mean a lot to his spirit.
    As for you, glad you are doing some running again, we willl get that run in together soon I am sure.
    Take care

  2. You’re such an inspiration yourself Tom. So sorry to hear about your friend Alan. Lovely you have letters to look back over, memories are everything. Happy holidays. Love to you, Catherine and the boys xxx

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