29th Oct 2014: ‘Number 5’, here we go!

Once again, no issues with WBC – bring on that ‘chemo fun’:-)

Running has been good since the last cycle with another 80 km clocked up between cycle 4 and today (1 of which being the 10 mile Great South Run). The recent mild weather has also really helped with the pins / needles and numbness in my hands and feet….definitely made worse in the cold. I have quickly learnt that brushing my teeth using warm water and taking food out of the fridge / freezer with gloves is ‘the norm’ for me at the moment:-). I have started to take a few of the anti sickness tablets now, although this does very much ‘come and go’ and so far I have only had a couple of days were I felt a bit nauseous…even then it wasn’t too severe. The great thing about the medical team here is that the moment you describe a side effect, they tend to pull a drug out the cabinet which can help!

I have my next appointment with Alice on Wednesday next week where I expect to discuss when my next set of scans will take place. I am assuming it will be around the end of November….let’s see. Can’t deny this is something that I am fairly apprehensive about. In my head I am totally focused on that final date of chemo in February next year and so will just hope for no more ‘curve balls’ following the scans.

I have had some wonderfully encouraging feedback following the short TV interview I did on Sunday…I am so pleased that most of those who saw it got the message that life doesn’t have to stop when you are told you have cancer. (I’m afraid I am yet to get a copy of it from the production team, however will post as soon as I can get hold of).

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  1. Just seen the interview, Tom. This must be a real inspiration to other r s who have been diagnosed with cancer. You look really good, and focussed and thoughtful, rather than “Moody”! Good news about BBC too. Love to you and your lovely family. Viv and Bill

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